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Last updated: February 25, 2019

I could not imagine starting out my day, without a steaming hot cup of coffee!  As soon as my alarm clocks sounds off in the morning, it’s the first thing on my mind.A fresh cup of coffee is appreciated by all and I don’t think anyone here, could imagine not having the wonderful brew accessible, as we have been so graciously, accustomed to.Considering the child labor involved in harvesting the coffee beans that Star Bucks uses to produce its coffee, coupled with the fact that the beans aren’t tested properly for dangerous chemicals, I am hoping that you will consider adapting a new coffee product for our facility.I have recently performed an investigation on the harvesting of Star Buck’s coffee beans and I have discovered that children as young as the age of eight have been laboring in the hot fields for as long as ten hours a day, to earn a mere three dollars a day. Because of this fact, I would like to change the coffee brand that we are currently using.When we participate in unethical practices, we agree with those practices.

By continuing to drink Star Bucks coffee, we are sending a message that selling a product without carefully evaluating exactly what chemicals are being used while manufacturing the beans, is acceptable.  We shouldn’t justify the selling of chemical laced coffee, by keeping it in stock, instead of replacing the item with a new and better tasting brand.The chemicals can be harmful in certain coffee, (p.6,USAToday) and may be harmful to the environment as well as the population of coffee drinkers.

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  The proper procedure, in this case would be to stop using Star Buck’s coffee.The Maxwell House Coffee Company sells only the highest quality coffee products (p. 77, The American Chef) and doesn‘t use any chemicals while processing their famous brand.

(2006, American Food and Drug Administration) Maxwell House Coffee, offers ten varieties of flavor, states that not only the coffee taste fascinating but doesn’t contribute to illegal child labor.There are also two other coffee manufacturers that I discovered during my investigation, who would also supply exceptional coffee.  Folgers and Nescafe have local suppliers who are available in our area to service our facility with the coffee we appreciate and love to drink.By April 3, 2007 I am proposing that you make available for myself and all others in our facility, either Maxwell House, Nescafe or Folgers brand of coffee, in order to provide a safer and more harmonious environment.I hope you do understand my concern and I am eagerly waiting for your response to this proposal. Sincerely, 


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