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Last updated: March 2, 2019

Have you ever seen people on the side of the street handing out pamphlets against slaughterhouses and encouraging you to eat more organic, I know I have, but I always thought screw that I love food organic just sounds gross. Not until later did I realize how stupid and ignorant I was.

Conventional foods are harsh all around and are just unnecessary in today’s society when they do more damage then good. I’m hoping for you to leave here today more motivated to choose healthier more organic food choices.All those powerful chemicals and pesticides are being forced into your body, and they defiantly don’t belong there, and every time you eat all those fruits and vegetables thinking your finally being healthy, well it really doesn’t have that much nutrition, and if that’s not upsetting enough for you your also hurting the environment by supporting conventional foods.

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In this moment and in the future conventional foods will only cause harm. Conventional food is actually new in the history of farming.It was not until the twentieth century that chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides began to be used in natural food production. These chemicals introduce something called free radicals into the blood stream.

Free radicals are cell-destroying atoms that can occur naturally through chemical reactions in the body. Free radicals attack healthy cells and can cause premature aging, as well as cancer and other serious conditions.Its also been found that the hormones injected into animals to speed maturity is known to increase the risk on cancer and cause defects. So obviously, switching from conventional food to more organic food is highly recommended in order to reduce the risk of bringing extra toxins into your body. The soil in which organic food is grown in is also affected by conventional farming methods.

The chemicals seep into the ground and kill off important bacteria and fungi, which are essential to the health of the land.And if you know your photosynthesis you know that plants get their nutrients from the soil, so if they are grown in poor or dead soil, their nutritional quality is decreased. By taking away those important fungus and bacteria from the soil, it will not give the plants enough minerals to grow as well as they could, causing all those fruits and vegetables you eat to have less vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

While free range animals give back to the soil adding all the needed nutrients and bacteria as the food pyramid intended


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