Pestle Analysis on Kansai Airport

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Last updated: January 30, 2019

Coursework CSW1 Pres Assignment No 1 Group Presentation: Research & review a project type.

(30% of Module) Working as a team (small group) select a type of project from the list below. Carry out a literature research on this topic using a variety of methods to source your material. (The Academic Support Centre can help you with this). Aspects which you should investigate are: •Geographical background i.

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e. countries and locations •Historical background, current typical scale and cost. •Structure of project management, prime and sub-contracting. Methods of project planning •Methods of project control •Financial, legal or international implications commented on •Elements of success or lack of it identified. •PESTLE (Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal and Ethical) issues Your team should choose a project type from the following list of ten. Each team must select a different project. Other types not listed may (exceptionally) be considered if agreed by your tutor.

1. Private property construction 2. Commercial property construction 3. Road building e. g. a new motorway 4.

Rail projects e. g. a high-speed link 5.Airport construction 6. A major event, show, festival or exhibition 7. Stadium construction e. g.

Wembley or Olympics 8. Prestige building e. g. Scottish Parliament, Millennium Dome 9. An IT System (private sector) 10. An IT System (public sector) There should be a clear ‘division of labour’ within your team, agreed at the outset and evident in the way the review is presented. Periodic team meetings should be organised to exchange and review your findings and, latterly to put together your joint presentation. Equal marks will be awarded to all team members provided there are no attendance issues.


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