Philippe Starck

Because Philippe Starck is such a diverse designer he has influenced all fields of design. Philippe has had his hand in designing everything from small home products to yachts. As a young designer, it is very inspiring to see the possibilities that can stem from a good imagination. Philippe’s designs are clearly created for the modern man. There is no question that he intends for his designs to cater current civilization.

I believe Philippe’s upbringing had a great influence on his becoming a successful designer. His education in art and design began long before his enrolment in one of Paris’s most prestigious design schools.Being born in Paris in, one of the most design consumed areas of the world, Philippe’s surroundings were continuously enhancing his awareness of good design. His father, who was an aeronautical engineer, was a big influence in the future of his son’s design career.

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Growing up in a home where his father designed and constructed things on a daily basis gave Philippe invaluable hands on experiences that is rare in a designer. By having someone of such personal authority reinforce creativity on a regular basis, Philippe was prepared for a life in the design field.He was able to develop and understanding of what the profession requires of a person. By knowing what to expect, I believe Philippe was well prepared for his future endeavors in design. Unlike his father, who strictly designed air crafts, Philippe has made his mark in all areas of aesthetic design. I believe the experience Philippe has had in different areas has given him the foundation he needed to develop into one of the greatest designers of our time.

Philippe’s designs continue to generate new interest because of his provocative edge.In a time where it seems that everything has been done before, a designer needs to push the boundaries of their own minds and their consumers’ minds. Pushing boundaries and questioning familiar design allows for an unexpected outcomes that will keep consumers interested. Philippe’s universal recognition proves his success.

Many designers can be appreciated and well respected in one region or country, but to be internationally recognized is a rare achievement. His universal appeal is proof of his talent in determining successful designs. For Philippe, tradition was not the answer to his design problems.In today’s society, I think a successful designer must push themselves past current and past trends to new design that meets the needs of the modern man.



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