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Last updated: February 8, 2019

We have carried out analysis for Roanoke branch and it is addressed to you for your perusal and necessary action.In the analysis we have identified the problems facing company relating to advertising business. Our branch at Roanoke is currently performing poorly because of number of reasons and as company after reviewing the performance of a branch and discussion with the president we do inform you of the proposed changes to the branch.

In line with our mission our employees should produce the best as well as if their work has been produced they should informed of the proposed changes.Executives they should be informative to their juniors to avoid high job turn over. It has been observe that the has been loosing employees due to frustrations that results from changes in their works without being informed. It also overworks without proper compensation this should be explained to employees so that they should what they expect from the company.Phoenix AdvertisingCharlotte, North Caroline, CA 121213DEAR JOHN,STAFF INFORMATIONFrom recent happenings it has proved there is need for our company to implement a good knowledge management system about staff remuneration which ensures there is proper use of information even data sharing will not be easily assessed.

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The system that we ought to implement needs to be user friendly but free from hackers. There is dejection among the staff member of the society.Therefore it is upon our management to ensure that there are proper records. In this regard am requesting your office to furnish me with all staff remuneration files with overtime, actual payments and their salary adjustment notification.Lastly these documents should be availed by the end of this week for quick action.Yours faithfullyJames 


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