Physical Security

Physical Security Policy IT-244 James Dutcher Axia College of University of Phoenix 2010 Terrence McRae Physical Security Policy 10/7/2010 Security of the Building Facility Physical entry controls Scenario The Bloom Design Group is a company that offers interior design services to businesses and individuals throughout the world. Bloom has a corporate office in New York and a second office in Los Angeles. The company’s Web site features a virtual decorating tool, which offers clients the chance to play with different color and design schemes.This tool allows their clients to get an idea of what a design project would look like once it is completed, before actually making color and design decisions. The Web site also gives interior designers access to their client files and company style guides, as well as the ability to electronically process orders for design materials and furniture.

The designers use a secure login and a password to gain access to the Web site and its features. The company’s workforce spends all its time working remotely and accessing the corporate network using a secure VPN. Security of building Facilities Physical entry controlsPhysical entry controls are provisions implemented to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas of organizations premises and infrastructure, or to protect against loss, damage, and interruptions of critical operations. Physical controls should reflect not only on external threats, but also on internal threats alike; inside breaches are very likely. Physical security controls should include educating personnel, locked doors, key codes, security cameras, guards, biometrics (fingerprint authentication) , and if possible motion sensors to detect any person without permission from gaining access to sensitive areas.Security also considers natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, fire, floods, etc.

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so one should plan a backup for environmental changes. Security Offices, Rooms, and Facilities Logical security for Bloom Design Group will give rights and permissions for those who work inside or outside (remotely) the network by carefully authenticating users by group membership; Interior designers who have access to client files, should only be given access to files needed to serve their client list. Bloom Design should backup regularly and keep it in a secure location.All offices will maintain a moderate to high level of security, and keep in the way of policy. Sensitive areas of operation are learned on a need- to-know basis; keeping privacy private. Isolated Delivery and Loading Areas Limit Access to sensitive areas by keeping these areas away from public access, inspect and separate incoming and outgoing shipments, and keep this area isolated from where information is stored.

Security of Information systems Workplace Protection A risk assessment (analysis) should ask reasonable questions, such as what the potential target areas and what is the attitude toward security goals?And so on. The BCP and DRP is a plan to analyze the risk to prevent and recover critical business operations from possible interruptions, so precautions should be in place, and these precautions should consider arrangement of office space, so unescorted visitors can be easily noticed, install key-card access systems at main entrances and on other appropriate doors, have staff follow strict access control procedures, no exceptions, and issue access control badges with recent photographs to all employees and authorized contractors, just to name a few.At closing time, and everyone is gone, provide lighting, walls, and locked gates around the building to discourage potential predators, that may try to gain access to the building.

Unused Ports and Cabling The cabling on the network carries viable data, and Bloom Design will protect it from interception and intentional and unintentional modifications, by constant system monitoring, identifying cables and equipment with markings, and routine maintenance procedures. Network/ Server EquipmentAll network equipment (other than stations, printers) will be stored in a secure server closet, with limited access. Logical security would include an UPS for redundancy. Minimize the risk to equipment by isolating them, and put policies into to place such as, no eating or drinking in these areas, protect equipment by limiting access.

Equipment Maintenance Maintenance of equipment will help provide continued availability and integrity of the system. A good plan will document all maintenance activities, suspected faults and remedies, and record all incidents.The owner of the information will set the guidelines of this policy, and a certified person(s) with authorization will take the appropriate steps to ensure confidentiality.

Security of Laptops/Roaming Equipment To keep Laptops safe from thieves, a person should use cables and hardwire locks, laptop safes (better), motion sensor and alarms, and warning levels and stamps. All of these measures will deter unsuspected criminals who want to steal equipment and information.References Axia College of University of Phoenix Regan P. (2004) Wide Area Networks, Retrieved November 7, 2010, from Axia College Week 4 reading AXcess— IT-242 Introduction to WAN Technologies Narasimman R. (June 23, 2005) Laptop Security Retrieved, November 7, 2010, from http://www.

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