Based from my research, I can tell that the picture shows two well-behaved Shetland Sheepdogs.

The dogs look extremely identical to an inexperienced person but if one looks closely enough, some differences can be seen. They have different colors for their ribbons, which can mean that these were placed to tell them apart. They also have different colors on their forehead; the one on the left has a white streak, while the other has a brown streak. They both look very friendly and it seems that they are well-trained because the owner can take a picture of them with the other one sitting and the other lying beside it.One can tell from the picture that the owner truly loves the dogs. He/She (The professor) regards them not only as pets but as students as well.

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He/She feels that these dogs are more than just animals and that they can be taught to serve their purpose, which is to be man’s best friend. The picture also shows that these dogs are taken very good care. Their coats look very healthy, and their nails and feet are clean unlike other dogs. It also looks as if they are being fed the proper dog food that dogs should eat meaning that they are not given any table left-overs. It seems that their health is closely monitored by the owner.Aside from these assumptions, one can also add that the picture shows that the owner is a dog-lover. A person who does not like pets or animals would not take a moment to take a picture of an animal, let alone two dogs and make an effort to arrange the dogs to have them in different poses. Although the picture looks very simple, as it only shows two dogs staring back at you, it can very much tell what kind of a person the owner is by how the two dogs look like. 

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