Planetarium Show and Telescope Viewing Experience

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Last updated: June 11, 2019

Planetarium show and Telescope viewing, is one of the best event I ever attended in our campus. Westconn hosted a planetarium show “A Closer look at Orion The Hunter” as well as telescope viewing of the Waxing gibbous Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, autumn sky. The event was presented at the university’s Westside campus on Saturday, December 6th at 5pm.

I chose this event to attend because I wanted to scrutinize about people’s behavior in communication manner.The presentation’s topic was “A closer look at Orion the hunter”. There were about thirty to forty people including kids attended this event. I really observed this presentation with a different experience. The presentation held in the planetarium and the environment of this room was dark except domed ceiling and exit sign. The instructor was really informing people and kids very friendly. Instructor was describing stars with the red laser light point to understand a better view of the stars and galaxies.Kids liked that presentation because instructor was very friendly with them and he was showing stars with comparing shapes of dragon, dog and hunter.

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There was also a telescoping viewing in the observatory area. Some people came late and show was already started but instructor allowed them to enjoy that show with the disturbance of his link to dated topic on the stars. Kids were making little sound during the show but after instructor gave them a friendly noise regarding the enjoyment of the show and they respected his notice and learned wisely.In the way of communication it was really good experience to attend and observed an event which has shady environment.

A guy who was near me he wear a very strong cologne so I was little inconvenient and it was dark so I cannot even move from my situation other than that it was really good experience. People were replying answers of the instructor with joy. The event was actually informative and scientific which I am going to remember.

I was surprised to see an observatory in campus because I never been to this building and dark experience of the stars.


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