WITH A COLD HEARTIn the darkness he stalks another prey,Creeping in the night with a heart that’s cold,He lurks in silence as his victims play,Grinning at what was about to unfold.;He makes his move and he seizes his kill,With deathly intent his strikes are precise,His bloodlust is quenched and he gets his thrill,His victim stuggles but succombs to demise.;While the mother shreiks at the sight of blood,He leaps and with great speed makes his escape,All he left are footsteps of dirt and mud,And a child that’s dead from the wound on her nape. And no one can ever truly understand,Why a vampire feeds off the blood of man. BRAVEHEARTIn the eyes of men he stands eight feet tall,And he has become a legend with his might,But up close this man is in fact just small,Not that strong and just over five feet in height. So what had made these men come to believe,That this person possess of such strength and size?When in fact he made no effort to deceive,He is human, didn’t they realize?;But there is a reason why his legend grew,And it is not because of godlike power,It is due to his heart that’s pure and true,Which gives him courage to rise to the hour. Such is the legend of this brave young man,Who stands strong with the greatest of the land. ALL I HAVEI don’t have any great wealth to speak of,No piece land, no mansion, no gold or silver,All I have to give is my undying love,Which I pledge to you now until forever.;My hands are small as much as they are weak,But they’ll labor for you even when they bleed,Despite that I’m poor our future is not bleak,Because with this love I know that we’ll succeed. My love will be constant until my last breath,I’ll be faithful, true and know no one but you,My heart’ll beat your name even after death,Trust me my love, my heart longs only for you. I don’t have wealth, not even in the least,Only love that’s forever, a love that won’t cease.



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