Portrayal of Might in Of Mice and Men

The strong always overpower the weak. Throughout John Steinbeck’s famous novel, “Of Mice and Men,” He tries to express in many ways as possible that the strong will always overrule the weak no matter what. And Lennie’s puppy is a great representation of that one theme. Lennie is the type of guy who isn’t always the best to be around, especially is your small and soft as fur.

Because of the fact that Lennie isn’t able to recognize his physical prowess, he tends to kill a lot of animals and objects throughout nature.As George and Lennie are in the bunkhouse, George states; “You not to pet that pup so much or ya might kill em. ” (pg. 55) This quote is very significant because just as Lennie is dependent on George, Lennie’s puppy is entirely dependent on Lennie. Just like Lenny, the puppy symbolizes that the fate of the weak is in the face of the strong. Another quote that symbolizes that the strong overrule the weak is the time when all the men are outside concentrating on their horseshoe tournament.As Lennie is alone inside the bunkhouse, he states; “Why do you got to get killed? You ain’t so little as mice.

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I didn’t bounce you hard. ” (pg. 93) Lennie is like an innocent animal who is very unaware of his own power and actions. Lennie had killed the puppy accidentally, as he has killed many mice before, because of the fact that he fails to realize his own physical strength.

In conclusion, Lennie’s puppy is very important symbol throughout the book because it carries one main idea.The strong always overpower the weak. So all in all, Lennie is just an example of someone who will always overpower the weak no matter what. And Lennie’s puppy perfectly paints that picture for you. Because he isn’t able to recognize what he can accomplish physically, he tends to break things without even recognizing it.

So in conclusion, I feel that the main symbolic theme of the story Of Mice and Men is that the strong will always overrule the weak.

Author: Aubrey Keller


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