Portrayal of Women in Science Fiction Literature

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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Linda Leith’s Women and Science Fiction talks about the progress of the portrayal of women in the science fiction genre through the examination of major works on the topic i.e. Future Females: A Critical Anthology and The Feminine Eye: Science Fiction and the Women Who Write It.  It is well organized and relatively easy to read as it does not presuppose vast knowledge of the subject or the discussed works on the part of the readers.

  As Leith references the works of other authors, she touches on the subjects of the rise of feminism and female contributions on the genre as the ones that lead to the better portrayal of women than in the past decades.  Also, how these works challenge the patriarchal society as unnatural and ideas of manless societies – only letting the men in if they behave – are also mentioned.It relates another person’s work to another, their connections and the needs for updates as the author encourages response and interest on the subject of women and science fiction.  As the work discusses issues of feminism and portrayal of women in science fiction, it is also, as importantly, a review on the works and a guide to readers on their contents for further reading.  This article was published in July 1983, the time when advancement in portrayal of women as strong characters and equal to men, is just on the rise and perhaps considered ground breaking.  It is something to ponder upon as recent advancements in the genre suggest that it is normal for women to take lead roles and be perceived as strong and independent.

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