Why are young people having kids at very young age, when they have nothing to provide? The other day I was in class and we were all presenting ourselves, what I realized once again, was very strange and I have to say that I have mix feelings about it. I love kids, and I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with having kids, but I just keep asking myself the same question over and over again, why can’t they use protection? When we were presenting ourselves in class, one of the things that shocked me the most is when people that seemed to be around my age were saying that they have one, two or even three kids.It is not my purpose to question anyone’s life, I just think that being young and immature, because that is what most people with twenty years old are, very immature, at least most of them, and also not having a stable financial situation, why are they so selfish that they can not realized the consequences of bringing a kid in this world at such a young age, and I really have to come to the conclusion that there is no excuse for it.I Think life is too short to have kids at such age, most people I know with kids do not even have a job, and they are still going to school. Having kids can bring a lot of stress and responsibility into our lives. Lets’ say you do not have a job, how are you going to support the kid? Are you going to ask your family for help or maybe the government? Is it fair to cause more expenses to someone who probably does not have a good financial situation? I think not.

What bothers me the most is what are people really thinking when they are being intimate with their boyfriend or girlfriend, do they actually stop to think that if they do not use protection there will be consequences, an STD or maybe if you are lucky enough a little girl or boy, but what will be the price of that little girl or boy? Probably not enough time to enjoy life, to party, to travel or to prepare yourself academically, which is suppose to be our main priority at this age.Who do we blame for this, our parents or maybe the government for not having sex education during the high school years? There are so many ways to help people realize that bringing kids to this world when they have nothing to offer to them it is not a joke, one of them will be sex education during their high school, less adult content in TV shows and of course more advertizing to our little friends, the condoms. Funnily enough none of this has been used as a method to pretend pregnancy or even STD’s, I Remember there was a time where condoms were more often on TV commercials to preventSTD’s, but what happened to those commercials, I have not seen them in a while now. Also the government complains that too many people are using food stamps or help to feed their families, but are they doing anything to teach people that they need to use condoms? I asked a girl on one of my classes the other day, what made her have a kid at such a young age, and she said that she wanted to have the baby. Of course I did not believe her; it is very obvious to me that when they have kids at this age it was not planned.Who in their own right mind would want to have a kid at age 17 or 18 with no job, no career, nothing.

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If I was a heterosexual guy I will probably feel the same about having a kid at age 20 without a good paying job or a career. I also have to mention that I have not forget about the “love” factor, I understand that when you love someone you probably want to have a kid with them, that is probably the most common or normal thing to, but like I said before, why bring a kid to this world if you cannot pay for your own things? Use condoms, Live Happy!



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