The Problem of Unemployment in Nigeria

Imagine if you had a dose of the flu and decided that you needed to buy some medicine.

imagine you go to the shops and find ten individual pharmacies next door to each other, all in a nice neat row and basically all the same. How do you decide which pharmacy to purchase your flu medicine from? do you look for the cheapest, the with the most helpful staff, the biggest, the smallest, the longest established, the one that you have visited before or simply the one closest? These are the kinds of questions that we subconsciously ask every time you go to purchase an item.The big question: what makes your business different from your competitor? if your customers are trying to choose between your business and you competitors business, why should they use yours? You need to come up with the answer to the answer to this question and it needs to be convincing. Several years ago, the very famous company Federal Express found themselves struggling in the highly competitive world of freight.

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They decided that they needed a policy or a statement to explain why people should use their impressive range of freight services, which are basically the same as every other freight courier in the USA.The advertising agency came up with the slogan, if it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight use Federal Express. A large campaign was launched to promote this new company slogan and the rest is history.

Federal Express has grown to become one of the largest freight companies in the world. The one thing that is certain in business is that competition will continue to increase. There will be more people trying to sell similar items to the same number of people. For this reason, it is important to identify what makes your business different, and ultimately better than your competitors.



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