The Problem of Young Generations

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Last updated: January 25, 2019

A few years ago, it was not very complicated to grow up. Today’s generations have many opportunities along with the developments in modern life.

However, these oppurtunities don’t always have positive consequences. Most of the aspects of today’s daily life cause degeneration, indulgence and even violence among young people. Youth violence is one of the most significant problems of the new generations. Tendency towards violence among young people has increased recently due to several reasons.The first cause of youth violence is the environmental pronlems. The environment in which young people live is very important, because they can easily be influenced from this environment. First of all, there are street gangs. These gangs are negative influences on young people.

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The members of these gangs usually use violence and threat as a weapon, thinking that these will maket hem look cool. Young people in the same environment may envy them or even join them to look cool too. Secondly, the availability of drugs in the environment, in which young people live, is a serious cause.Using drugs affects the minds of the people and do bot always create a numb mood. On the contrary, it can trigger violence and cause young people to be violent too. Lastly, social problems cause violence in young people.

She/he can feel like an outsider, feel depressed or envious of the friends, possibly because of financial or emotional situations. This can lead to violence too. Another cause of violence among young people is family problems. How the family behaves or how the young people feel themselves with their families is very important.

The most common problem is broken families. Disfunctional families or parents who are divorced maket the child more aggressive. As a result, the child becomes violent outside of his/her home, sometimes even in his/her own home.

The attitude of both parents towards child carries a big importance, along with the importance of the attitude towards each other. An abusive parent sets a negative role model for the child and cause the child to tend to violence. Parental pressure is also a strong influence.If the child is exposed to pressure from his/her parents, because of school related, family related or financial problems, she/he will feel stressed and use violence to express his/her anger toward his/her parents.

Taking alcohol and drugs can also lead to youth violence. Both of these substances are very dangerous to a kid, because they can cause the child to do unimaginable things, due to their effects on his/her mind. Using alcohol and drugs usually starts as an innocent offer coming from a friend. That’s why friends of a child are important.

The child sees this offer as a chance to improve his/her social status.Along with friends, family problems can cause the child to use alcohol and drugs. When she/he’s unders the influence of these substances, she/he can tend to violence. To sum up, environmental problems, family problems and ancohol abd drug abuse are among the main reasons for youth violence.

Children can easily be affected by various people and situations and use violence as a way to express themselves. Youth violence is one of the most common and significant problems today. However, the causes of youth violence cannot always be because of young people, but also because of the society.


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