Professional Work Place Dilema

A) Describe the experience:What was the ethical issue you experienced?Some of the ethical issues i had experienced during my studies at the University are: conflicts of interest, issue of fairness and honesty and lack of cooperation between me and the students (Wolcott, 2005).  The conflicts of interest are the destructions that students were doing in the University while the issue of fairness and honesty made the students to be trustworthy and had respect to the people who have the authority in University and even to their fellow students. (Wolcott, 2005)Who was involved? (Use first names or initials for the participants)The people who were involved are the students and the people who are in charge of the University like the Macdonald who is the principle of the University (Wolcott, 2005).  The principle together with her team had been trying to make the students to have the knowledge of ethical virtues like trustworthy, honesty, self-confidence and justice. This had at least reduced the issues like conflicts arising between the students. At some point the students were very rude to the principle who was Macdonald and the University authorities by not pay attention to the guidance and counseling that assist them in developing their moral virtues. (Wolcott, 2005)What was the relationship of the other individual (s) to you?Some of the students were very honest and trustworthy when they were explaining to me the University rules and regulations.

They even assist me during my studies whenever I was stuck. (Wolcott, 2005). I found it very easy when doing my class tasks because the students were always there to give guidance where i had problems. Although there were some students who were dishonest, untrustworthy and disrespectful that made my life in the University horrible. I felt like quitting my studies at some point because of the incontinences that the students had made to go through. (Wolcott, 2005)B) Analyze the ethical dilemmaWas there a difference in power and authority? ExplainThere was no difference between the power and authority because they have been working together as team to make sure that the students have understood and taken into actions the morals issues they were taught in class (LaBossiere, 2004).The power and authority were trying to bring up the students who will be morally upright in the coming future. The power and authority came to realize that ethical or moral reasoning is a critical part of decision making in one’s life.

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Both the power and authority had been focus in providing the students with effective tools in the hopes that they will reason well about moral matters. This is the reason why the power and authority could not manage to have any differences among themselves. (LaBossiere, 2004)What were the ethics in question?The ethics in questions was the unacceptable behavior ( Ruggiero, 2004). of the students to other students who have just joined the University for their Studies.

There were disputes between the students during their studies that affect the studies of some students there by ending up quitting their studies at the University (LaBossiere, 2004). Most of the students were not morally upright at the University. This had made the authorities of the University come up with some workshops that can develop the reasoning skills of the students at the University. (LaBossiere, 2004)What personal values were in conflict?The personal values that were in conflict is where by the students had no respect to others students in the University  (LaBossiere, 2004).This had resulted to several arguments between the students in the University there by creating hatred among the students during their studies that they could not cooperate in their class work. Some of the students had a strong influence that had made most of the students get involved in unacceptable behaviors. I could not concentrate in my studies because some of the students had a negative attitude towards me especially during the class discussion.

(LaBossiere, 2004)What were potential outcomes?The potential outcomes were both positive and negative.  The positive outcomes could be seen when the authorities were very concerned with issue of unacceptable behaviors in the University. The University authorities had made arrangements for several workshops that will develop the students’ ethical reasoning (LaBossiere, 2004).This implies that there is possibility of getting a positive outcome from the students. There were negative sides of the outcomes because some of the students had to either quit their studies or had extremely bad performance in their studies. This had made the University to go backwards in terms of academic growth. This had resulted into poor performance in the whole University. (LaBossiere, 2004)What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved?Some of the students were expelled from the university because they had spoiled the image of the University at the same time most of the students had ran from the University due to bad conducts from other students (LaBossiere, 2004).

The academic performance for most of the best students in the University had drastically dropped because of the peer influence. I found it very difficult to cope with my studies because I was encountering the challenges that I have never faced in my life. (LaBossiere, 2004)C) Based on what you have learned since you began your program of study at the University of Phoenix and through your continuing work experience, would handle the situation differently or the same way? Explain.I would handle the situation differently by using the three main components of the ethical issue in order for me to adequately and rationally resolve the disputes between the students. The components are: non-moral facts, concepts and moral or ethical aspects (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995). The non-moral facts are the facts that are relevant to the situation at hand and they are explicitly moral in character.

(Paul & Elder, 2003). At some point the facts will be direct and will give little or no grounds for disputes that occurred between the students. Therefore the facts must be fully considered fairly quickly before going to the next issue. (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995)When the facts are controversial or in dispute during the resolution of the ethical issues, then there are factual or realistic issues that need to be addressed.

(InternetVIZ , 2005). There are three ways of rationally resolving factual issues. These are: empirical investigation, appealing to the authority and use of other arguments (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995). Empirical investigation involved looking at the factual issues with an aim of getting a concrete solution. Appealing to the authority can be carried out by finding a suitable source that resolves the factual issues. This method can only be used when the person carrying out the investigation is capable of differentiating good source from bad source. (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995)The method of using arguments should not directly involve the empirical investigation or appeals to the authority (Paul & Elder, 2002).

For example the use of analogy to other types of punishments that will try to establish something reasonable to believe (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995).  The second component of the ethical issue which is the concept where by  it was best to consider the relevant concepts going to the moral aspect of the issue. Therefore this would result into the resolving of the conceptual disputes between the students.

(Frederick, Allegretti, 1995)The conceptual disputes need to resolve by the use of arguments in order come up with a concrete solution (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995).  The third method which is moral or ethical aspects involves the use of general arguments with moral contents and specific moral arguments that are based on moral principles, standards and theories. (Frederick, Allegretti, 1995)ConclusionEthical virtues are very important in our daily lives because they help in strengthening the human good conducts. Ethical virtues provide a good knowledge to everyone because this is the only way one can learn from their mistakes. This will develop the reasoning skills of everybody in the society.  Therefore there is mutual understanding, respect, honesty and truthful between the people who are living together in any institution or the society.This will give everyone the freedom of expressing their views to each other without any fear there by developing their communication and interpersonal skills. Therefore there is peace, love and unity between people who are living together may be for purpose of studying together in an institution or within a society.

The main objective of the ethical issue is to make everybody understand their rights and apply them at the right time in the right place.



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