As a professional, I have the tendency to become very passionate in everything that I do. I can confidently say this is my main strength.

In carrying out my tasks, I make sure that I always finish what I have started. Sometimes, this enthusiasm can be a burden because there are occasions when I do not give up even if the goal seems impossible to achieve which makes the task harder to accomplish. In relation to this, I had this recent experience where I was building a globally integrated software update system for all the business enterprises of XYZ. In order to closely follow the needs and requirements of the clients, I have entertained several changes during the project implementation phase for the release of the product.As a result, more work was needed to be done and because of this more manpower was required.

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To resolve the problem, I had to pull out people from other projects which have caused the delay of these other projects. In addition to this, I tend to get emotionally involved with my work. There were times that I find it hard to delegate tasks to others because of the notion that I can all complete the work at hand. These are the personal characteristics that I want to improve on when I take my MBA. I believe that the challenging 1 year program will help me enhance my task prioritization and time management skills.

More so, the numerous team based projects included in the curriculum will facilitate the development of my trust so that I can learn how to openly delegate tasks and responsibilities to others. Overall, I truly believe that your MBA academic program can aid in my complete progress as a professional.  


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