Profiling System

Client : Sapphire Security Agency Proposal of: Eleanor D. Odal Marvelous G.

Adlao Leonardo L. Empesto Objectives: * To enhance the profiling information of each applicant. * To develop fast transaction and easy retrieval of files. * To maintain proper storage of all the profiles and to make it more reliable.

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* To avoid ambiguity and redundancy of information. * To provide user friendly interface. Brief Definition of the Proposal Profiling System is one of the important systems in a certain organization.This is to provide complete profiling process of an applicant or a member. This system may help the organization to establish hassle free retrieval of files. An applicant, before becoming a member must first complete the application form for the profiling.

This application form provides a unique identification number for each applicant. And to make it more reliable, it will ask for an identification photo. This will serve as their id picture. In this system we will also include background of the applicant such as personal information and working background.This System includes easy retrieval of files of each member by using search bar. The System Administrator has the ability to manipulate information inside the database.

The interface of this system is one of our main goals as well. By developing a well-organized and a simple yet elegant design, it will help the administrator to handle it comfortably. Our system may not be prone to any confusion. This is simply a user friendly system but will provide important and reliable information of a member.



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