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Last updated: January 28, 2019

Event Name: Prom night 2011 Event Theme: Date: Venue: Organizer: Faculty of Management Society Event Director: Latiff Danial Bin Ismail Total Student Population: Cyberjaya – 10,016 students (as at 31 May 2010) Target Participants: Minimum of 500 participants Target Group: MMU students Faculties in MMU Cyberjaya Campus 1. Faculty of Management 2.

Faculty of Information System 3. Faculty of Engineering 4. Faculty of Creative Multimedia 5. Centre for Language and Foundation Studies Prom night 2011We, FOMS is proudly here to present to you our most anticipated annual event of the year, which is The Graduating Dinner 2010 – also known as Prom Night. Prom night is set to be the biggest event organized by FOMS in Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya campus. The main objective of the event is to provide a golden opportunity to the participants, especially those MMU students graduating this year. During this auspicious night, they will have the chance to gather and mingle around with their friends, both new and old, whom they have met during their life in campus.Moreover, they will be able to get acquainted with more people on the night itself, thus widening their social network.

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To further enhance the experience, there will be amazing performances such as live bands to keep the crowd entertained throughout the memorable night. Guests can look forward to special appearances by local artiste and emcee to enliven the atmosphere. In conclusion, we present to you, Prom Night 2011, which will definitely be an unforgettable night with precious memories and entertaining performances that will leave you wanting more!Objectives • To promote the excellence of Multimedia University to a variety of students and the public in Malaysia • To promote Faculty of Management Society (FOMS) • To provide a golden opportunity for the students, especially those graduating, to gather in this auspicious event and mingle with their friends, both new and old. • To enable the participants, especially those graduating, to reflect back their journey and wonderful memories in MMU before graduating • To attach the status as a memorable and well-established graduation dinner. To show appreciation for the participants, especially FOMS members for their support towards FOMS.

• To provide the exposure to committee members to learn on improving their communication, self-confidence, goal-setting, organizational and time management skills which are essential in managing a major event. • To promote positive and lasting relations between MMU students and lecturers, thus building a sense a community among participants. Organization Chart [pic]


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