A Proof of God’s Existence: Analysis and Criticism

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At all times the never-ending striving for truth had been enforcing philosophers to seek answers in their minds, hearts and souls, as well as in nature, other creatures and the space.

God had created men with inner longing for Him; nevertheless, humans are looking for scientific proofs of God’s existence, which are the mediators between the Creator and the creature, instead of the direct relationship through faith. The ontological arguments, first stated by St. Anselm – the Archbishop of Cantebury – in Proslogium in 1078, had set aside God’s existence from the explanation of God. Thomas Aquinas had rejected these a priori arguments, setting a stress on God’s self-evidence and immaterial substance.One of Aquinas’ quinquae viae, or the “Five Proofs” for the existence of God, considers that “God is [infinite] in the ways that created beings are […] limited” (Kreeft, 97). Since the material things are causes’ dependent, God cannot be a primary being ‘above all creatures’, along with a secondary humans.

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God’s existence is not related to physical world in any way, for “[o]nly in God … the case that what he is and that he is are identical: God is existence” (McInerny, para.65). Our imperfect mind cannot comprehend the nature of God, because His definition is unparalleled with our words and images.The three cases – physical, intellectual and emotional – bound material things to become and to be, but have nothing in common with God’s existence. No one can demonstrate, feel, or imagine it, because these experiences should be based on facts and, therefore, formulate the scientific information.

Men can understand that God exists by faith alone, but, since faith is of the invisible, only true worshippers of God can sense it.Our mind demands knowledge, based on facts that, in their turn, demand existence. Our existence was caused by another one, therefore, our necessity was received from others; but, there are no proofs and facts that God’s necessity was caused by another, thus, God exists and is the Cause of all created beings.Works Cited:Kreeft, Peter. Summa of the Summa.

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