Proposal for ‘Green Hunting’ of Elephants as an Alternative to Legal Sport Hunting

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Last updated: March 26, 2019

This article by Douglas-Hamilton makes it obvious the main point of his paper in the title. There are many African countries where elephants are hunted for sports. However, due to excessive hunting there has been a significant decrease in the male elephants with large tuskers.

Female elephants have been found to prefer to mate with the largest and oldest elephants; hence, if hunters keep on killing mature elephants, this will endanger the species. Furthermore, countries like Uganda and Zimbabwe (where there’s heavy poaching) elephants there have shorter tusks than elephants in Kenya or South Africa (where there’s no hunting and little poaching). (Douglas-Hamilton, 1997)Douglas-Hamilton believes that due to the monetary benefits, African countries will not stop elephant hunting. Therefore, as an alternative he suggests that we use darts instead of bullets to hunt them. He calls this method ‘green hunting’. By using darts, the animal can be immobilized and the hunter can then take his picture with his catch. He believes that most hunters will use darts as it’s not the killing that gives them pleasure but it’s the hunt.

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Douglas-Hamilton also believes that hunters can help researchers by fixing a radio-collar to the elephant, through which his movements can be monitored. Green hunting would require that the hunter takes an experienced veterinarian with him so as to monitor the health of the elephant while he’s dosed. (Douglas-Hamilton, 1997)I believe that this is a very good suggestion made by the author, and we only need to aware the hunters of this alternative method. The most significant benefit of this method is that the lives of the elephants are saved. Furthermore, research regarding elephant living habits can be expected to take a noteworthy leap.

BibliographyDouglas-Hamilton, I (1997) Proposal for ‘Green Hunting’ of Elephants as an Alternative to Lethal Sport Hunting. Pachyderm. 24, pp.



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