Prostitution Debate

I’m againt prostitution , Prostitution is immoral empowers the criminal underworld and promotes the repression of women by men. Because it increases – illigal prostitution – sexually transmitted diseases such as aids – human trafficking – crime The woman who expose themselves for working under non human circumstances such as working 100 hours a week , human trafficking, being raped robed abused, humiliated and even murdered.This profession is not for a lifetime after surviving these risks they do not have social security for the future. They are operating in a criminal environment . As we can see in statistics worldwide , a large group of the population is against prostitution or it needs to be regulated by law. From the questioners 23 % answered prostitutes need to be punished by long sentence and 41 % says a short sentence with parole.

By this study you can see that prostitution is immoral for mankind [pic][pic] What the government does to reduce prostitution.To reduce prostitution they want to increase the minimum age for prostitutes from 18 to 21 years, because most of the woman have an education , they have a choice to choose a different profession instead of being a self chosen victim of prostitution. There will be more inspections by the government and if they conclude there are illegal workers there will be fines . They will also give fines for too long working hours, bad working circumstances and under payment prostitutions.

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By doing this they want to reduce the prostitution and regulate it more.World oldest profession : its still wrong because of all the disadvantages such as diseases, human trafficking and also crime. They are giving a service which originally is not meant to be as a trade mark , it’s made for 2 people which are in love and want to share there feeling with each other and its for reproduction of humanity.

Prostitution free choice : most of the woman choose prostitution for economic reasons , if the woman choose this profession themselves , they engage the risks of being raped , humiliated , mistreated , robed abused and even murdered.As a human being who has self respect and also love their live here on earth they shouldn’t take these risks. There are a lot of ways to earn money and also there is a social network to get money to survive such as welfare. Prostitution and rape: prostitution can not eliminate rape or child abuse , sex offenders normally act because they want to be in charge and want to take something from their victims . Their innocence and also their own confidential , they are psychologically not in order. When buying sex from someone who give this away who want to have sex with this person , the sex offender don’t feel like he’s in charge.Sexual transmitted diseases Even when a prostitution is tested every week on hiv/aids or other diseases , she will be tested negative for the first 4-6 weeks even 2 weeks after being infected. This also means while the test is beginning positive and the results are becoming known.

The prostitute can expose up to 630 clients to hiv. This is when they tests themselves every week. Even if they know they have hiv ,its unlikely they quit their job as a prostitute As we can so from survey statistics a large number of the population worldwide are against prostitution . 2 % says it has to be forbidden and a another 30 percentage says if it can be forbidden by law then it needs to be regulated by law. I’m as a woman respects my body and also want to secure my future. If prostitution is legal, people will be consumers of this service from generation to generation with all risks taken. What else would be normal for the society? Will we expect the increase of sexual diseases and crime, sexual related crimes? What kind of society will you want your children to grow up in ? where they can listen to career day on school how to be a pimp or an prostitute in the future?

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