Psy 211

The following questions are examples of the types of questions that you will see on your exams. Each question relates directly to the objectives of your course. The answers are provided in bold type so that you can assess your readiness to take the exam. If you think you need more exam preparation, please consult the Study Guide located on your student website. 1.

Which of the following subfields in psychology focuses primarily on how people grow and change from the moment of conception until death? (Obj. 1. 1) A. Cognitive psychology B. Clinical psychology C. Experimental psychologyD. Developmental psychology 2. Which of the following is NOT a major perspective in the field of psychology? (Obj.

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1. 2) A. Neuroscience B. Humanistic C. Psychoanalytic D. Cognitive 3.

Descriptive research is an approach designed to systematically investigate a person, group, or patterns of behavior. Its methods include (Obj. 1. 3) A. archival research B. naturalistic observation C. case studies D. all of the above 4.

Which structure in the brain is primarily responsible for communication between the brain and the rest of the body? (Obj. 1. 5) A. Hypothalumus B. Pons C. Spinal cord D.

Medulla E. Building wealthF. Changing life situations G.

Protecting wealth and dependants 5. What type of conditioning utilizes positive and negative reinforcers, along with punishment? (Obj. 2. 1) A.

Classical B. Learned C. Cognitive D. Operant 6.

Which approach to motivation seeks to explain behavior in which the goal is to maintain or increase excitement? (Obj. 2. 4) A. Drive-reduction B. Arousal C. Incentive D. Cognitive 7.

____________ intelligence, which is based on the accumulation of information, skills, and strategies learned through experience, remains steady and in some cases actually improves. (Obj. 4. 3) A. CrystallizedB.

Fluid C. Deep D. Conscious 8. Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operational, and Formal Operational are classified as which type of development in childhood? (Obj. 3. 2) A.

Social B. Physical C. Learning D. Cognitive 9. A __________________ is a direct measure of an individual’s behavior designed to describe characteristics indicative of personality. (Obj. 4.

2) A. Rorschach B. thematic apperception test C. behavioral assessment D. MMPI-2 10.

Which psychologist is recognized for his theory of multiple intelligences? (Obj. 4. 3) A.

Howard Gardner B. B. F.

Skinner C. Sigmund Freud D. Michael Blair

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