Psychological Motives and Psychological Needs

Psychological motives are basically caused due to some psychological needs and are not based on physical needs. It is very important in the development of the individuals’ personality. It related to self-esteem, self-security, self-expression and self-freedom.

There are some several psychological needs, which are; 1. Need for Affiliation: It is the desire to be with others and have harmonious and satisfying relationships with them. . Need for Approval: It is the need for approval and acceptance from significant others. 3. Need for Safety: It includes security, stability, dependency, protection, freedom from fear and anxiety and the need for structure and order. 4.

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Curiosity motive: The individual seeks out novelty in different situations. Curiosity is related to natural inquisitive behavior such as exploration, investigation and learning. 5.

Need to maintain self-esteem: Self-esteem relates to the need to develop a sense of worth by making oneself competent and effective person. It is a powerful need governing both achievement and intrinsic motivation. 6. Need to have a purpose: This psychological motive is basic for all individuals as everyone wants to lead a purposeful life. Each person has a goal, a wish, a purpose in life to achieve and succeed. The more definite the goal, the more determined one is to overcome the obstacles and put in required efforts.

. Need to fulfill one’ interest and potential: According to Maslow, one of the highest needs of the individual is self-actualization which he interprets as realizing one’s potential to the fullest. Thus we pursue our goals and needs according to our interest and the potentiality to acquire it. Psychological motives have a significant role in the development of the personality of the individual and for leading a contented life.

Author: Armando Mendoza


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