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Question 1Which of the following is not true of Germanys spectacular economic expansion following unification?the acquisition of Alsace-Lorraine provided Germany with more raw materialsGerman factories had the latest and most efficient equipmentGermany concentrated its marketing efforts within its own bordersthe educational system played an important role in supplying the talent needed by the commercial sectorthe government played an active role in encouraging businessQuestion 2Which of the following was not an advance in scientific research in the late nineteenth century?Pasteur discovered the technique of pasteurizationPasteur discovered the vaccine against rabiesLister discovered how to kill germs with carbolic acidLister discovered the vaccine for tuberculosisKoch discovered the microorganism that caused TBQuestion 3Karl Marx argued that the dialectical process of historyworks through ideas that constitute the spirit of the age.was determined by economic forces and class conflict.was the working out of a divine plan.depended on great leaders.depended upon social Darwinism.Question 4The demographic transition that took place between 1870 and 1914 involveda sharp rise in the death increase in the birthrate.higher population growth in eastern and central Europe.movement from urban to rural areas.a decline in death and birth rates.Question 5The regime of Napoleon III fell in spite of the fact that itcurbed the power of the French church.invested in massive social programs.outlawed the right to strike.established a democratic government.censured the press.Question 6The sluggish rate of British economic growth in the late nineteenth century was in part the result ofoutdated plant and equipment.too much emphasis on technical education at the expense of scientific research.loss of empire.rapid adoption of experimental techniques in manufacturing.the standard of living debate.Question 7Which was not among the causes of the Crimean War?Britains concern about Russian expansion toward Persia and IndiaFrances desire to protect Catholics in the Ottoman empireRussias desire to protect Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman empirethe Ottoman emperors desire to expand his control in the Balkan area of EuropeBritish encouragement of Ottoman cooperation with RussiaQuestion 8A critical feature of the second industrial revolution wasthe discovery and exploitation of new coal deposits.the development of new technologies such as electricity.agricultural occurred during a period of general economic occurred during a period of recession.Question 9The principal barrier(s) to Italian unification was/wereAustria.Guiseppe Garibaldi.Napoleon III.the papacy.a and d.Question 10Which countries did not experience revolution in 1848?Britain and ItalyHungary and PolandBritain and RussiaRussia and FranceVenice and Hungary


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