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Last updated: March 13, 2019

I really liked the video and thought it was real interesting.

I do pretty much agree to what I have heard so far. I agree that all the great civilizations had in common that they all had advanced technology, a large population, and an organized work for. I think the same applies kind of to big companies: The all have advanced technology, have a lot of workers, and have an organized work force. I already knew about crop domestication, but I can, again, make a connection of the proses to big companies.Crop goes in a cycle like this: There good crops and bad crops-people take the good crops-people grow new crops from the seeds of the good crops- better crops grow-etc. It is a little bit the same with companies: There are good employs and bad ones-the company fires the bad ones and leaves the new ones-better employs come in place of the bad ones- the employs make the company larger which allows more space for more employs-new employs come-some are good and some are bad-etc.I also totally agree that the geography totally changes your civilization’s power and strength.

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The terrain, animals, crops and more all change your civilization. The only thing I don’t agree with is that, according to Jared Diamond, is that the civilization’s power and strength totally depends on geography. I think that people’s choices also change a lot. For example, Papua New Guinea’s highlands, the people there are living in an old fashion way of life, thanks to geography.But if one of  the citizens said: “I want the highlands to be just as good as America” and he got to America and got lots of cows and wheat and stuff like that,  and he tout people modern ways, and how to use the cows and stuff like that, they would change. One thing that surprised me is that only 14 big plant-eating animals have been fully domesticated. This was a nice and interesting video and I’m sure looking to see part 2 and 3.


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