Real Estate Interview

To be able to find the best candidate for the interview I had to look everywhere and had to ask everyone for an interview, but after getting turned down from a couple agents turns out that my friends real estate agent is one of the best and well know respected person at what he does, his name is Ludyn Tijerino. Mr. Tijerino works for an agency called Approved 4 keys. I was able to get in contact with this person through a favor done from my friend. My overall assessment of this interview is that it turns out that in the real estate business there is more to it than what I had imagine.Many of the questions that I had asked seemed to be answered by the time I got there for interview.

Mr. Tijerino Seems to be a real great person at what he does and how he deals with his business, but three very important aspects that seemed pretty relevant about him is that he was very clear about what he said and got the point across thoroughly with effectiveness, second he seems to be a person very well connected and constantly communicating with other professionals, third his he had very good Non-Verbal communications in which he made me not feel nervous around him while conducting the interview. By the time Mr.

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Tijerino was 22 when he had lost his job at Big 5 nonetheless times were a little better 10 years ago, so he started working for real estate Brokerage not knowing about the business. But yet he was making good money, he enjoyed the fact that he was considered self-employed and making good money. At first I was pretty nervous of just going into an office like I was channel 4 news and start interviewing this person I had never met, but it turns out that the moment I walked into the door I was welcomed very warmly by the receptionist then he came down and gave me a handshake welcome, he was a very inviting person.As I started my interview I noticed he dedicated his full attention with me and always kept eye contact with me. He seem to be a very interesting person because apart from being an Agent, I started finding out in the middle of the interview that me and him had similar likes as far as sports and a places to go eat, I had very small talks in between my interview which made me feel very comfortable with him and as I proceeded it seemed easier and less stressing to ask question as far as his past experiences in the business with other people.As I wrapped up my interview I gave him a thank you and a hand shake, throughout the interview I discovered amazing new facts about how the business works and what I should do be play a part on it.

During the interview I had asked him what made you decide go into real estate, he told me that “because there is no limits into what you can achieve and besides who wouldn’t enjoy the freedom of being your own boss”. Real Estate is a very tough profession now days and it is real difficult to acquired business, but yet Mr. Tijerino still acquires plenty of business and still makes money.As I proceeded with the interview I had asked him questions about how did he get to the point that he is today? He told me “I had to make plenty of sacrifices but nonetheless one of the most important things that helped me get through my bad times is keeping in contact with old customers”. It did make me realize how important communicating in this line of business is. During the interview he showed me some of the things he does and I started realizing that there is more to it that just going out there and selling a house.

It turns out that apart from working with buyer prospects and clients. They need to get listings and service them. And to be successful at that he told me that “A good agent can’t stop learning, ever” but most importantly he told me you must have character and appeal to make sure you take a genuine interest in each buyer you get, because a client can easily go to the next door agent.

Communication plays an important role in this line of business and it is certainly considered one of the most important facts according to Mr.Tijerino, and it is critical that a real estate agent possess good communication skills. By using these communications skills, we can see how clients can easily contact their agent and agents can contact their clients, to discuss situations without any type of trouble. During my interview I was told that some of the qualities in communication that a real estate agent must process to be successful in the business, is that an agent must have honesty, knowledge of the process and negotiation skills.As a real estate agent, your financial success depends on building and maintaining a network of prospective clients. And according to Mr. Tijerino many of these relationships have to be maintained.

“Without Communication there’s no money, so you have to go out there and start meeting new people always! ” in real estate Communicating with people seems to be the key to be successful real estate agent. It is certainly key to keep in contact with your buyers as a real estate agent but Mr.Tijerino told me it’s not always about you talking you also have to be a good listening, he told me one of the most important skills in involving real estate is to listen because it’s the only way you can assess the buyers needs and really know what they want. Mr.

Tijerino is a very sociable person as you can tell as soon as you meet him and he’s full with all the skills that require a real estate agent to be successful. Mr. Tijerino is a very self motivated and self driven person always keeping a positive outlook on things.When I was in his office he had told me of all the plans that he had as far as growing so I had asked him questions like “What if the market takes another bad turn” or “What if the market Crashes” and he told me” The Market is what you want it to be” he always seems to have a positive attitude going which I pointed out to him and he told that when it comes to communicating with his client base that it’s what has helped him survive throughout this economy down turns.When it comes to communication Mr.

Tijerino seems to be a very informative person but yet in a very persuasive way which really makes a home buying decision a lot easier than just leaving things out. My overall opinion on Mr. Tijerino is that he is a very effective communicator and informative I would definitively deal business with a person like him, and if I was to work with this person it would definitively help me grow in this type of business.This interview has helped me understand not only how the business of Real Estate works but how important communication skill are when it comes to dealing business whether is from working at a customer service to being a CEO because without communication skills there would be no profits. Not Only did Mr.

Tijerino told me personally what being an agent consisted off and the type of communication skills that are put into play but he practices them himself in his daily life whether from being with his friends or clients.I also learned that Non-verbal skills are sometimes more important than verbal skills because it is what projects your image. Certainly there are many different forms of communication but when it comes to doing business as a Real Estate agent you must put them all into play. Dear Mr. Tijerino.

Thank you for giving up a portion of your day Wednesday October 27th to discuss your position as a Real Estate agent. I particularly enjoyed learning about the business. The information obtained helped me to write, what I consider, a superb paper. Thank you once again for your time. Sincerely, Orell Moreno

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