What Reasons Might a “Peace-Loving” Man Have for Carrying a Gun?

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Last updated: June 13, 2019

Jeffrey Manrique Eng 101-A07 Prof. Daryl Osemwota November 13, 2010 What reasons might a “peace-loving” man have for carrying a gun? I believe men should all carry guns.

The reasons are very simple my dad always told me “Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops busting knuckles and starts busting caps and usually it is when he becomes too old to take an ass whooping. ” I do not carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed. ” Those words will always stay with me. I will use myself as an example, I have a gun permit.I am a peace-loving, godly man. I am a Christian but I do not carry a gun to scare people.

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I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place. I do not carry a gun because I am paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world. I do not carry a gun because I am evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world. I do not carry a gun because I hate the government.

I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of the government. I do not carry a gun because I love it.I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me. “Police Protection” is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police do not protect you from crime; they usually just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whooping. Some may say that I will be more prone to use my gun if I carry one. My dad always told me never to pull a gun on anyone unless I planned on using it.

Those words are about as true as they can be.I have seen people get their ass whipped for pulling a gun and not having the balls to pull the trigger. Before I decided to carry a gun I always say to myself carrying one is one thing, but are you absolutely sure you could pull the trigger if you had to? And are you absolutely sure you could deal with the aftermath of taking another human life? The answer is yes because I love life and will protect myself and those around me with all my strength. I’ve heard some say that for a Christian to carry a gun is unbiblical and that Jesus would condemn it.

Turn the other cheek”, they say. The actual verse itself in Matthew says “But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”If someone were to walk up to me and slap me, I would be tempted to slap them back…but if I did, I believe I would be in disobedience to God. However, a slap to the face is entirely different than a loaded gun or other lethal weapon being brandished against me or someone defenseless. Jesus did not say,” whosever shall stab you with a sword, turn to him the other side also. Saint Peter the apostle carried a sword with him everywhere he went, including the time he spent with Jesus over a period of about 3 years.

Never once does Scripture record Jesus reprimanding Peter for carrying the sword. The other followers carried as well, and again no reprimand from Jesus, Who is God Himself. That sword by Peter’s side in today’s world would most likely be a 9mm. In conclusion is peace loving man can carry a gun because his not using it for evil but to protect himself and love ones from it.


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