Reduce Poverty

India as a country can devise socio-economic policies to develop the basic socio-economic infrastructure such as health facilities,housing,literacy and food for all living below the sustenance level and create opportunities for all from the village level to national level.

. As citizens we must work forward in this effort in trying to get the policies implemented ,eradicate corruption and help/participate in socio-economic development and programmes. We must be responsible citizens and contribute our share to ensure all possible ways for the policies to be implemented.Donations are the best way to reduce poverty in a small scale..

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. We can open our own NGO to help the poor in all primary ways like providing food, cloths , educations etc.. If you own a company or an offce you could employ people who are very poor! Small things can make great differences in ones life Pay your taxes, donate to worthy organizations when you can, do not support businesses or people that support or exploit illegal migrant farmers and pickers, and remember that that person on the corner with a sign asking for spare change may be you one day.Live simply so that others can simply live. Do what you can do within your own environment. The World Bank is an international institution that has the duty to provide poorer countries with finance to reduce povertyMoreover, the World Bank has a very vital source for financial and technical assistance to countries where people are suffering from poverty by helping these countries through its financial ability as well as experience.

Its major concentrations are, to aid poorest countries, increasing their economic growth and improving quality of life.



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