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Martika Saintvil Mrs. McMahon 11-12-10 Reflection paper pgs 48-49 Can you imagine your own kids, family members or friends or even yourself being involved or living around child prostitution. Around the world today, prostitution or trafficking is one of the most high rated crimes and is also considered a human rights crisis of sexual abuse against innocent women, and children. One of the many places where prostitution is severe is down in German-Czech borders, beginning in 1994.

Children from a poor and small populated county are often victims of this establishment.These innocent victims are usually uneducated , and have previously been sexually abused. They could be forced into this life by fear or just for money purposes. One way we can help put an end to prostitution is by creating and opening up new youth center for the kids, having more police men out on the street and stronger prosecution to those who force the kids to prostitution, in order to make the world a both a safer and better place. Prostitution and trafficking began with the demand for victims to be used in prostitution.Men that are in need of comfort or they’re desperate to be pleased go in search of sex wherever it can be purchased. In places where paying for a prostitute for one night is popular and profitable such as Czech, pimps are not able to assign enough local women to fill up the brothels, so they have to bring in victims like Children, since they are easier to force into this industry.

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One way to help protect these kids are by putting more police men on the streets and planning out new strategies to keep people like pimps or mobsters off the streets for good so that kids are not in danger of being caught in trafficking.The Czech-German border has become a well-known site for child prostitution. German men, for example, cross the border to buy children for sex acts. The expansion of this sex industry is one reason the economy has been doing poorly, due to people (men in particular) wasting money on things that are unnecessary instead of putting it out to good use.

In my defense, I would form youth centers to provide shelters, activities and sports so kids could stay active and educated. This can prevent less dangerous activities from occurring on the streets.I would also establish a program to help families that are financially in need, by holding for example fundraisers, food, and clothing drives.

Recreational centers can also be to good use, where counseling will be available and also testing sites for HIV and other sexual transmitting diseases, so the rate of catching these illnesses could decrease. Instead of warning women and their children from this horrific lifestyle, confronting the situation directly can help make the streets safer.The exploiters, Such as traffickers, organized crime members, and corrupt officials all make up the sex industry and should punished for bringing harm to society. Rehabilitation centers can help counsel victims of prostitution and youth centers are one way where kids can stay of the streets, so that they are not witnesses to horrible crimes like prostitution. Although finding all the exploiters responsible for this crime can take awhile, child prostitution should and can be stopped, if we all come put our minds together and figure out ways to make sure crimes like trafficking ceased to exist.


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