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Last updated: May 19, 2019

In this paper, I am going to reflect on the situation that took place during the interview session of my first clinical in an old age home. I am going to use Gibbs Model for Reflection (1988) for this reflective writing in my assignment. Description The first clinical placement for my first semester of bachelor of nursing was in an old age home. In the old age home, my colleague and I had to take an interview with one elderly lady. We started talking to Mrs. X who is 88 years old.

Mrs. X began sharing her experience with us.While talking, I found that my colleague was very much confident than me. She was responding Mrs. X with words and was asking questions whereas I was just smiling.

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Then, Mrs. X. asked me if I understood the meaning of the word that they were talking. I was very embarrassed because I had no idea about that term. During interview, it was sometimes difficult for Mrs. X to understand my accent so I asked my colleague to repeat the question. Also, Mrs. X seemed as if she felt awkward to answer question about her mental health.

FeelingsI was uncomfortable with the situation because I had thought that old people would not be cooperative. I felt that Mrs. X would judge me as unintelligent if I asked her the meaning of the word so I just pretended like I understood it.

However, she was very nice and explained everything very gracefully. I was also concerned about my accent but Mrs. X made good effort to understand me. For questions regarding mental health, I and my colleague tried to simplify the question by asking if she had depression, alzheimer’s etc. in her life. This time, she answered those questions very elegantly.Afterward, I began to talk more and ask questions to her. She was really supportive and we were able to collect lots of information from her.

Later, I also talked to our instructor about the awkwardness I felt because of my accent and also while asking questions about mental illness. She then suggested different useful methods to handle similar types of circumstances. Evaluation The situation was a bit awkward for me. I am disappointed that I pre-judged Mrs. X based on her age group. I was also not very confident and hesitated to accept my weaknesses.

However, I am glad that I learnt immediately from the situation and changed my opinion towards elderly people. Analysis I realized that I had made generalized assumption about the elderly age group. However, I came to know that elderly people are also well informed and are cooperative. I also felt that I was over cautious about my accent. After talking to the instructor, I understood that I would have been able to help Mrs. X to understand my accent by talking slowly and clearly rather than by asking my friend to ask questions of my part.

I also learnt that some difficult questions could be asked in better way by substituting the tough term with other simpler terms. Conclusion After this, I realized that I should not have judged anything about elderly people before talking to them. I should have researched about how to interview elderly people and prepared myself for the interview. I now feel that interview would have gone more smoothly and I would have more fun if I had not hesitated to ask the words that I did not understand.With the help of my mentor, I also realize that I need to be more confident to become a good interviewer and eventually a good nurse. Action Plan In future, I will avoid presupposing people based on factors such as, age group. I will make sure that I know enough about the group of people that I am interviewing.

In this way, I will be more confident among people of any age group. I will also build habit of clarifying the words or situation that I do not understand. In addition, I will consult my instructor if I have any concern about the process before starting the interview.


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