Reparations For Slavery?

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Last updated: February 25, 2019

Thomas Sowell, educates a specific audience of readers about, (Sowell, 200) “Reparations For Slavery” as he tells us “The first thing to understand about the issues of reparations for slavery is that no money is going to be paid. The very people who are demanding reparations know it is not going to happen.” Sowell is clearly speaking to a audience that is made up of white people, African Americans and other nationalities, as he tries to set the record straight.Sowell feels that slavery took place many years ago, and the white people that live today should not be held accountable for events that occurred over a hundred years ago, which was something that their ancient ancestors played a part in. Sowell appeals to not only the white population, but the African American populations, as he tries to explain the truth about slavery.He writes that “Some are saying that Congress should at least issue an official apology for slavery.

But, slavery is not something you apologize for, any more than you apologize for murder.” Sowell is clear in his writing that to apologize for something that you never had any part of, would be trying to go to prison for murder for someone killed by your great, great granddad, before you were even born. This idea is ridiculous, as Sowell communicates his feelings to a large group of people who have been used by the Black population to take something that doesn’t belong to them, and act as if they have a genuine reason for doing so.The white population will quickly be left without money and jobs if they continue to bow to these demands. Paying money, offering apologies and making sure that the black population are given top priority over our race, for something we had nothing to do with, will surely back us into a corner where we will continue to be taken advantage of.

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Sowell is clear about his subject as he tells us that the Black population do know better!


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