Revolutionary War after 1778

The Revolutionary war also known as the was of Independence which was where the states of America fought the British in order to become an independent nation, this was brought about by the British imposing taxes on the colonies as payment for their defending the said colonies, where in the British government they had no say or representation. The revolutionary war had been originally fought in the North that is up till France entered.

And suddenly the British decided to concentrate their efforts in the south. This brought them the advantage of keeping the Navel fleet close to the Caribbean, which meant that they were there then to help defend their positions from the French and Spanish. The French Navy defeated the British Navy, at the battle of Chesapeake. With the American and French forces united it brought about the British surrendering at Yorktown in 1781. This was the first time it had ever been defeated, and effectively brought about the end of the war.

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order now  NC Cornwallis was given command of the British troops and when he surrendered he  surrendered his command of 8,000 men. In the battle that was fought the british casualties were 156 men killed and 326 men wounded.

Whilst the American casualties were 20 killed and 56 men wounded. This brought about all hopes of British victory in America in tatters.France actually brought about the end of the war, because they supplied the Americans with both money and munitions. The joining of France Spain And the Netherlands with America meant that time was running out for the British, The French fleet was the deciding factor when they gave the British there first defeat.

Revolutionary War after 1778 17/6/07And brought about the final surrender of British Forces. The Peace Treaty was signed in Paris on September 3rd 1783.Revolutionary War after 1778 17/6/07 Bibliography 

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