The Role of HR in Future Business practices

The rise of Human Resource management and development in the growing corporate structure provides a structural mindset for businesses to create more job opportunities as well as a well-organized managerial structure in order to maximize efficiency, and professionalism, competence and at the same time maintain job satisfaction for all employees. The role of human resources at the workplace is to provide maximum input and output for all employees; in other words, to make the best out of manpower skill.The human resource director or manager position can be considered a target in the HR career, yet it is equal with all human resource positions in terms of responsibility.

The director manages every aspect of human resources and monitors different sectors or areas of management field (e.g. compensation and benefits, recruitment, training and development, etc.). It is the responsibility of the director to see all work performances up to date, including his or her own responsibilities, and to meet the ascribed job requirements. It is also his or her responsibility to monitor the performance of different managers heading different HR departments to maintain discipline and cohesion in the workplace. Apart from the technical responsibilities, the director is also responsible for morale and well-being of all employees in the workplace, culminating in political, social, and personal problems, issues, and concerns.

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Every human resource career is a definite field to pursue, for it provides responsibility. This responsibility forms the nature of the employee, reinforcing the mindset that every position in the workplace is important as it contributes to the overall vision and mission of the company. In addition, the role of managers or directors entails the burden of decision and commands, for leaders are not only responsible for his or her own action but also the employees who work with them. Thus, a worthwhile pursuit for any career is the reinforcement of personal discipline and professionalism not only for the company, but also for the self.



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