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Last updated: May 30, 2019

Role of media Introduction It is often said that the world has become global village.

Telecommunication, radio and television and finally computer have reduced distance and brought the most countries aloes enough to each other. Indeed, it has become an effective instrument for norms of democracy facilitate the decision, making process. In complex globalized world, role of media has become diversified and effective. Hence, peace or war politics or trade, diplomacy or commerce, religions or conflicts, civilization media could decide about the victor, vanquished, winner and the loser, and can get information on wide range of subjects.

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Function of media. It is a lethal weapon. it has four categories. 1 printing media 2 audio media 3 video media and 4computer. 1 creation of awareness • Creates awareness and enlightenment. so necessary to wave smoothly the fabric of society and keep it intact. • Everyone has to be conscious of his or rights. • Though.

It people and government become aware and conscious of the future challenges. 2 strengthen democracy: • Indeed, for democracy to strengthen a free and responsible media is prerequisite. • Democracy-rights and responsibilities, rule of law, free and fair election.Accountability and transfer of power. • Free media is necessary, it keeps politician within limits. • Contrary to this, absence of free media makes them freebooters, and vassals always bent upon usurping the rights of the people. • Autocratic, dictators and military rulers have deep abhorrence for media as it exposes their illegitimacy, corruption and ineptness. 3 promotion of tolerance and understanding: • In this way promotes national integration.

• Biggest challenge is intolerance and mutual mistrust. Proving a destructive phenomenon for social harmony, political stability and economic growth.Intolerance makes society a jungle. • Effectively be taken by media through educating them- solve problems through dialogue and negotiation, • it creates public opinion as a means of pressure. 4 attract the attention of policy makers • People express their problems and grievances.

• Attract the attention of policy makers. • Institution of government has become complex. • The ruler must know the aspiration and demands of the people. • Media highlights various issues in a way as to ensure balanced and effective policymaking process. 5 strengthen relation with other countries: Connects various nations and countries • Religious and cultural and promotes harmony and understanding between them. • World has shrunk into a global village. • Chances of clashes and collision increased manifold • Can be averted through trust and to tolerance 6 entertainment • Provides entertainment and recreation activities • Without entertainment, the society will suffocates.

• People will become psychological patients • Cinema, films, television channels radio and internet provide entertainment for healthy and smooth life. • Remains only alternate’s source of entertainment. Forth pillar of societyDemocratic governments and society strive their best to strengthen this pillar so that good governance should be ensured. NEGATIVE ROLE OF MEDIA • Potential flaws and dangers under pressure or temptation • Wars starts with worlds, media can invoke conflicts and violence by playing on bestial instincts of the people. • Journalist sometimes makes media a tool of propaganda by expressing subject’s views or particular angle of an issue. It should be discharged • Propaganda tool • Sometimes focus only on love, romance and, marriage issues.

• Heavy influenced by Indian culture • Widen social gape- classes ROLE OF MEDIEA IN PAKISTAN Played an effective role to promote democracy, national integration and Islamic values. • It has waged war against martial law civilian autocratic and other usurpers of the people’s right. • Judiciary revived • Programs such as, “voice of America” “capital talk” “50 minutes ‘ are high profile on political issues. • Media is giving detail average on all current issues.• Educational programs: • Virtual university Allama Iqbal University, lectures and discussion on science, arts and technology Agricultural programs: “kisna Times” keep informed about the best fertilizers and pesticides ,their precaution. esides animal husbandry and poultry farming.

Islamic Media. QTV, LABBAIK, ILAM TV main objects • spread Islam • remove misunderstanding about religion • solve problems in light of Quran and Sunnah EVALUATING PARAGRAPH; Media through in any form, either it is print media or electronic has proved to be most powerful weapon against any social, political economic knowledge and religion issues. CONCLUSION In nutshell, the forth institution outside the government, the media keep a check on misuse of power by the three pillars of the state, namely the legistature. the judiciary and the executive.


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