Role Play Exercise

Sales Scenarios – Assume that Xian is a new hired outdoor sales executive for company Lennon Design which provide one stop solution for T-shirt and Uniforms supply. We get an introduction from our existing customer who name Ms Ong that her friend Ms Lim factory have a sports day event by next two month. Now Xian had appointment with the purchases in-charge person Ms Lim, try to approach her to purchases our product to her event uniform.

Xian:” Hi Ms Lim, I am Xian from Lennon Design, nice to meet you (Handing business card and a company prepared free gift t-shirt to Ms Lim), You friend Ms Ong introducing me that you are interested to order t-shirt for your company sports day event by the next two month. ”  Ms Lim:” Hello Mr Xian, nice to meet you too (opening the t-shirt plastic) Woo, nice design for this t-shirt, it is free to me? Xian:” Yup, this t-shirt special deserve to you for free and this t-shirt is design from my company, you may see the quality for our product too. ” Ms Lim:” Thanks you, I like it very much.Well, we haven’t made decision for the t-shirt use at the day of events, but we had no much idea for choosing the new t-shirt, any suggestion Mr. Xian? ” Xian:” Yes, May I know how many pieces t-shirt and the budget for per pieces t-shirt you wish to order in this activity? Ms Lim:” Emm.

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.. If consider the previous events experience, we need around 500-600 pieces red colour plain t-shirt with my company logo and my company have enhance the budget for this events to have a better benefit to our staff, we were set the T-shirt budget in RM30 per pieces. Xian:” Okay, Do you tell me about the title for this events or got previous event t-shirt sample? ” Ms Lim:” Sure, we will held the badminton competition in sports day and the supplier before supplier us the cotton round neck, this is the sample of t-shirt. ( Ms Lim pass the sample to Xian ) Xian:” I see, this sample isn’t suitable for sports activity. Do you satisfy with this t-shirt? ” Ms Lim:” Actually I had received some complain from my staff in last time.

They told me that the t-shirt was very hot and wet after they exercise. Xian:” Okay, do you think if you just enhance a bit of budget to get the better quality for your activity t-shirt. Would you give me a chance to hear my presentation? ” Ms Lim:” Sure, I hope that you may give us valuable suggestion. ” Xian:” As my opinion, I suggest that we could use quick dry material t-shirt to this events, because this material is specialist in sports activity, because the technology of quick dry had function in absorbing moisture and quick breathable to let the people feel cool and comfortable after they exercise. pass the sports magazine to Ms Lim) Nowadays, most of the athletes as like football player, basketball player, badminton player and so on. they are choose quick dry material.

” Ms Lim:” Woo! All I see here is the brand Nike or Adidas, do you sure that this is under budget? ” Xian:” Don’t worry Ms Lim, I just show you that famous example to easily understand. Can you borrow me the free gift t-shirt? Ms Lim pass back to Xian) I would like to tell you that this t-shirt is our company Lennon Design quick dry material, this t-shirt is imitate from the brand, it is also available quick dry function but the cost is cheaper. According your requirement, the price is RM28 per pieces t-shirt with your company logo ” Ms Lim:” Great, you are professional, this is what I looking for. ” Xian:” So, if didn’t have any problem, I am here to issue a receipt for Deposit RM1000, thank you very much. ( take out the receipt book issue the payment for deposit ) Ms Lim:” Mr.Xian, you are welcome.

Here is the deposit RM1000 ( pass the money to Xian ), and can I know when can get my t-shirt? ” Xian:” Well, normally after confirm the artwork, mass production will take 20working days to process the order. Please do not hesitate to call me if Ms Lim have question for the t-shirt and souvenir, we are the company which specialist in supply souvenir and t-shirt, I wish that you company can give me more chance to serve you in the future. ” Ms Lim:” Mr. Xian, you are modest and see you. (shake hand with Xian) Xian:” See you Ms Lim, Bye. “

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