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Through the Gift Shop is a movie directed by Banksy which is centered around Thierry Guetta – Mr. Brain Wash- a Frenchman. Guetta created exhibits of art consisting of many pre-existing prints. Using a computer, he distorted them and probably managed to sell them for some million dollars.Banksy’s film does not show much about Banksy. Rather,  he filmed it in a way that takes a look at what factors make contemporary art unfit. This movie is thus not such an interesting one.

it is however more educative and can enable one to enhance their artwork if they are keen with the production (Ryzik).A more disappointing aspect of this movie is that Terry seems to dominate the movie although Bankys is supposed to feature more to showcase his movement of the art. Terry must seek to show that Banksy was a London-based infamous graffiti artist who was however never known by people. This situation could thus be seen a big ridicule.Banksy tries to demonstrate that contemporary art needs people with big finances so that they can have access to a large exhibition to market their products besides gaining fame. Thierry cannot be regarded as an artist since he reproduces work which has already being done by other people. he however employs professionals to help him during his work.In conclusion Thierry’s documentary about Banky’s excellence in his own career is just a contribution to the work of art especially regarding how one can come up in the art industry and finally excel.

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