Running head: Why school shootings occur and how to stop it

School shooting has been experienced in many parts of United States and this has been a unique teen violence which is unexpected, senseless and insidious. The teen crime has led to deaths of many students, teachers and workers within the school compound. School shooting is different from other violent acts committed by youths such as drug dealers or organized gangs (Schiller David, 1999). The main reasons that lead to school shooting are categorized into physical, learned and behavioral factors.

Physical factors include personal complications such as abnormalities or personal disorders. Behavioral factors include elements such as difficult personality such as problems of impulsiveness which makes a student rebellious and ignorant (Tony, 2006). Harsh treatment of children and family break-ups may result to school shooting. Learned factors include bullying at school which makes the troubled student to retribution or revenge.

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This has been one of the most contributors to school shooting which has made school administrators to act against such crimes.Prevention of school shooting is the role of school administrators, parents, students themselves, government and experts in legal matters.  Some of the appropriate measures necessary to stop school shooting include first, proper communication with students by well trained individuals and staff.

Second, close monitoring of students by teachers to analyze whether there is change of behavior will help to curb the problem.Any change of behavior noticed should be reported to the administration to enhance execution of proper measures. Third, design schools without hideout places where students can hide their fire arms. A student body of well trained students should be incorporated to report any stranger within the school compound.

The student body should also report any student with problems in relation to bullying.References:Schiller David, 1999, Jews for The Preservation of Firearms Ownership Inc…Proven Solutions To Ending School Violence.Tony, 2006, School ShootingsURL:…Clemon Randy, McBeth Mark, 2009, Public Policy PRAXISURL:…URL:

Author: Lonnie Alvarez


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