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An individual who batters is described as a person who uses physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economical abuse as well as other behavioral contacts which assert power and control. Domestic violence has been existing in many families around the world for many years and is still exists up to today and they usually take any form of those abuses. In most cases the woman is the sufferer as a result of the family violence. Majority of families are marked by continuous battering of women by their spouses (American Bar Association, 2010).

In our current society, domestic violence’s are no longer confined in homes but also are creeping in the workplaces. Domestic violence has been a problem which leaders need to address as it may bring harm in the families as well as in the workplaces. Family violence is a cause of several problems and can even result to divorce or breakage of families. Men are mostly the cause of family violence and they usually batter their wives at the expense of argument that they are disciplining them to adhere with the norms of the society. In this paper, I argue that women do not batter..In most cases, wife battering is known to exist most in the poverty stricken families even though the act exists in all type of families irrespective of social and economic status as well as educational background (Jukes, 1999). The man, since he can not afford to cater for his family defends himself by battering his wife to stop her requesting for the family basics.

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Women in this families being unable to protect themselves, they usually tolerate since they depend on their husbands in every thing (Jukes, 1999). On the other hand, women are perceived as a weaker gender, and therefore they do not punish their husbands by battering them. In some ethnic societies, they do not allow women to batter their husbands as it is against the rules of the society.

Men in most reported cases have been battering their wives and seriously injuring them leaving them with even black eyes and scars.The reason why women do not batter their husband is because the society considers them as weak and below their husbands in the leadership of the family. They are also expected to respect their spouses and thus battering their husbands would mean they do not have respect for them. Women perform most of the family chores and thus they tend to be tired and thus do not have energy to fight with their husbands (Kelley, 1992).

Furthermore, they are not able to use physical abuse to the males as sometimes they may be pregnant and thus they may not be able to involve themselves in battles.Cases of rape and sexual harassment are usually committed by men as an individual woman can not attempt and succeed in raping a man but men usually do so (Jukes, 1999). Men who tend to battle their wives in most cases tend to be innocent in the outside society. They tend to use religious beliefs as well as control and power in most cases of his life in order to protect him from such evil acts.

Various studies have reported that males contribute to more that 95% abuse in family violence (Walker, 2009). The batterers come from all economic, social, professional, educational, ethnic as well as religious groups. Women on the other hand since they tend to live in feminism, it makes them not to be able to resist the battering in most cases since they are expected to obey their husbands.In conclusion, there is need for women to defend themselves and resist the acts of battering by men.

Women should know their human rights and stand on them.ReferencesAmerican Bar Association. (2010). Domestic Violence.

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