In the 70’s era there was a action-thriller show which was never considered to be one of the best police shows but was pretty entertaining. The whole show was neatly made and ended in 60 minutes with the bad guys getting what they deserved. The best thing about the movie was one doesn’t need to be a brain surgeon to follow the series.

30 years on, fast forward that show and S.W.A.T’s monotonous energy is brought to the big screen.

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A perfect summer release S.W.A.T has an easy plot to follow, a whole bunch of action, not much dialogue all populated with some pretty spectacular characters.One cannot ask for a more attractive cast than this bunch of hot and cool characters. There is Hollywood hotshot Colin Farrell as a hotshot cop. The criminal role is played by Olivier Martinez. Flashing his six pack abs, and looking mighty fine is LL Cool J, chewing up the scenery is Mr.

Cool that is Samuel L Jackson and with the only female star Michelle Rodriguez who plays her trademark tough girl with the just the correct amount of sex appeal. Passing their movie star looks and one finds an all-together cast who has really come up in forming a convincing onscreen team. The chemistry between the cast works fine and one is left with a feeling that these actors hung out together after the director yelled, “Cut”.

The story is about a Swat team captain Dan Hondo Harrelson played by Jackson as he puts together a Swat team consisting of five members. The selections of the few members’ sure angers his arch nemesis Captain Fuller played by Larry Poindexter, a man whom Harrelson loves to irritate. Both men have history, which is never really fleshed out. To help correct the bad reputation about LAPD, Harrelson is brought under Fuller by which neither men are happy about. Deke Kaye’s Played by LL cool J is selected for having an impressive record, Michael Boxer (Brian Van Holt) and TJ McCabe (Josh Charles) because they have previously worked with Harrelson, Jim Street (Farrell) because of his magnificent sharp shooting abilities and the fact he is on the outs with captain fuller and last but not the least Chris Sanchez (Rodriguez) of been given the golden opportunity to be the first women on the Los Angeles Police Department Swat team.Harrelson’s team is brought into the frame when a drug kingpin Alex Montel (Martinez) is to be delivered to the Feds from Police Custody. Montel announces a $100 million reward to the person who breaks him out, making life difficult for the officers in charged of taking him across Los Angeles. Here is the best action sequence of the film when thugs come out of nowhere to try and collect the reward.

There were a few scenes which were not really needed in the movie and could have easily been edited from the movie, a particular scene being when Colin Farrell’s character joins Rodriguez at her home for her daughters birthday. This scene could have been easily cut from the film. It felt as if the makers of the film were manufacturing a scene just to show the audience the softer side of Rodriguez character. Other wise the film’s action, the characters the editing, lights are pretty good.Overall Swat is said to be a fun summer movie with escapism, entertainment or anything, which you can label it.

This movie is worthy of sitting for two hours.BibliographySWAT by IMDB. Retrieved on January 15, 2007. From http://www.

imdb.com/title/tt0257076/New York Times Review, SWAT (2007). Retrieved on January 15, 2007. From http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=282770



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