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The country resort has many rooms, function halls and cottages that are available for reservation. EVENTS HALL Function-Kubo Function Hall 1 Function Hall 2 Garden Conference Room ROOMS Air-conditioned rooms Regular rooms COTTAGES Table with umbrella Nipa hut Pavillion ENTERTAINMENT TV/DVD player Karaoke Billiard 2. For the events hall, the customer should make a reservation at least one month before the event. The customer, upon reservation, will need to pay the reservation fee of 1000 and the remaining balance should be paid one week before the event. . The rooms should be reserved one week before the customer’s arrival and the reservation fee is 300. These rooms are also available to balikbayans who can rent the room for a month. 4. During peak seasons, all cottages are needed to be reserved one week before customers’ arrival. As for walk-in’s, they can still have their cottage if there are available cottages at that time. 5. The Country resort also has its store where the customer can buy swimming accessories, souvenirs.

The employee of the resort needs to track and record every item purchased for sales and inventory. PROPOSED SYSTEM RESERVATION SYSTEM – Records all transactions regarding reservations. It includes the scheduling of rooms and other amenities. BILLING AND PAYMENT SYSTEM – Records and monitors the payment for each transaction. SALES MONITORING SYSTEM – Monitors sales of all the transactions made and purchases in the resort’s store. INVENTORY SYSTEM – Gives a detailed list of all the products in the store. Programming language: C# VILLA REINA Nestled away in the peaceful province of Malolos, Bulacan, Villa Reina Resort is more than just a place for swimming. It is a vacation and | |recreation complex where family and friends can come and spend quality time together. It is a venue for social activities such as weddings,| |anniversaries, baptisms and birthday parties and for corporate functions like seminars, planning sessions, raining and corporate parties. | |Guests can make the short 1. 5 hour trip from Metro Manila to Bulacan for a rejuvenating weekend retreat from the barried existence of | |modern-day living. | | | | | | | | | | MISSION Our mission is to create a long lasting impression of pleasure to our valued customers and to provide a remarkable experience for them. As a resort we aim to achieve the best service that we could render to our clients not only regarding our profit but also keeping also our customers priority no. … VISION To be the best resort there is by giving our customers our all… HISTORY Villa Reina Resort which can be found at Valenzuela St. , Catmon at the city of Malolos in Bulacan did not actually start as a resort. On the year 1997, the owner first started the business by buying a piece of land and then turning it into a fish pond. Later on it was turned into a rest house by the owner, and then it became a restaurant . As time passed, pools were added to the establishment so that the business would be able to attract more people to visit the place.

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And that was when the business that started out as a fish pond, turned out into a resort. Function halls were then added to the resort in order to serve as a venue for social activities such as weddings and birthday parties and also for corporate functions such as seminars and corporate parties. In 2000, the resort also offered different services to their patrons such as pool therapy sessions for those people who have asthma. ———————– CUSTOMER PAYS RESERVATION FEE ORGANIZES THE EVENT PAYS REMAINING BALANCE RESERVES PAYS TOTAL AMOUNT CHOOSES A COTTAGE GOES TO THE RESORT PAYS BUYS ACCESSORIES AND SOUVENIERS



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