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Last updated: February 19, 2019

Identify and outline THREE functions of a retail environment. 3 * making a profit, * providing employment or * Functions within a retail environment (eg Buying, customer service). * A clear outline of each function, indicating its main features (eg buying involves the selection of products relevant to customers.

needs), or its purpose (eg provide excellent customer service to ensure customer loyalty and repeat business). Describe the impact of technology on ONE of the key functions of retail organisations, using a relevant example. * Clearly identified a specific piece of technology used in retail organisations and described how this technology had affected a key function of retail organisations. * Average responses either identified an impact of technology on a key function, providing a retail-specific piece of technology, or described the impact of technology on the retail organisation without providing a specific example. * Weaker responses identified a piece of technology and did not identify any impact this technology had on a retail organisation.Some of these responses simply described what a piece of technology did. IDENTIFY two types of customer objections AND RECOMMEND a strategy to overcome each objection. 4 * Clearly identified two objections related to price, time or merchandise, and recommended a relevant strategy to overcome each.

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* Average responses either correctly identified one type of objection and provided a relevant strategy or simply identified two strategies that could be used to overcome customer objections. Explain the benefits to retailers of offering a range of non-cash payment options to customers. * Clearly explained at least two benefits such as increasing customer loyalty, increasing sales or reducing the risk of error or theft as less cash handling is involved. * Weaker responses simply listed a benefit of offering non-cash payment options or explained the benefits to customers. Evaluate the effectiveness of TWO strategies a retailer could use to reduce hazards in a retail store. 4 Clearly provided two strategies and evaluated their effectiveness in reducing hazards in the store.

a. Explain the purpose of anti-discrimination legislation. * To ensure that everyone was treated fairly and equally and that discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnic background, religion, sexuality, marital status or a disability was illegal. * Weaker responses either identified one example of anti-discrimination legislation or made a general statement about anti-discrimination legislation. b. Describe strategies that a retailer could use to implement anti-discrimination legislation. 4 * Clearly described a range of strategies that a retailer could use.

Weaker responses described one strategy a retailer could use to implement anti-discrimination policies in the workplace or listed two different strategies without providing characteristics or features of how these could be implemented. A customer wants to purchase a washing machine. The sales assistant needs to place an order as there are no washing machines left in stock. a. Outline a procedure that the sales assistant could follow to order the product. 2 * Outlined several steps in a procedure that could be followed to order a washing machine.These were correctly outlined in a logical order, eg record customer details, contact supplier, complete product order form, and follow up with customer when product arrives. * Bad response outlined part of a procedure for ordering a washing machine or listed steps.

b. Describe methods that a sales assistant could use to develop rapport with customers. 4 * Clearly described methods that a sales assistant could use to develop rapport with customers. These responses included methods such as ascertaining customer needs, questioning techniques and offering customer loyalty programs. Mid-range responses described one method that a sales assistant could use to develop rapport with customers or simply listed several methods. Describe and provide examples of the THREE main methods of approaching customers in a retail environment. 3 * Merchandise approach is used when a customer shows interest in a particular product and a salesperson may respond with those jackets have been very popular this season * Service approach- ask if customer needs assistance * Greeting approach- welcomes the customer into the store Demonstrate how retail employees can behave ethically and responsibly in the workplace.

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