Samsung Current Market Stertegy

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. , a leading mobile phone provider, recently hosted a roundtable discussion focusing on the company’s 2009-2010 business strategy in Egypt. The main speaker at the event was Mr. Duke Park, Branch Manager of the Samsung Cairo Office, who provided his insights into Samsung both globally and locally as well as an idea about the direction of the company over the next year. Mr. Park began his presentation with an overview of the history of Samsung Electronics since its inception in 1969 to the establishment of its Digital Media and Communications Division in 2009.He provided a breakdown of Samsung’s global network across 59 countries with 27 manufacturing subsidiaries, 48 sales subsidiaries, 1 manufacturing and sales subsidiary, 9 regional headquarters, 21 branch offices, 16 research and development centers, 3 distribution centers, and 6 design centers.

He then illustrated Samsung’s position as a global leader in the electronics market, holding the top market share position worldwide in LCD TVs (21%), monitors (16%), LCD Panel TVs (27%), flash memory (32%), dynamic RAM (DRAM; 31%), and static RAM (SRAM; 28%).Samsung also has the second-best market share globally for A4 color laser multi-function printers (30%) and mobile phone handsets (17%). Mr. Park noted that Samsung has been the fastest growing global brand since 2002 and is ranked 21st among all global companies in 2008 with consolidated revenues of $108bn, of which digital media and communications contributed 65%. In Egypt, Samsung has achieved 32% market share in the LCD market as of April 2009, and 49. 3% growth in the hand-held products (HHP) division from Q208 to Q209.The HHP division has seen steady market share growth over time from 12. 7% in December 2008, 13.

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8% in January 2009 and 15% in February 2009. “Our consistent market share growth in Egypt reinforces our leadership position across products, technology and markets. As a digital convergence leader we’re committed to regularly introducing innovative and technologically-advanced products to Egyptian consumers, further showcasing the strength of the Samsung brand,” said Mr.Duke Park, Branch Manager, Samsung Cairo Office. Mr.

Park also provided an overview of the 2009-2010 strategy for Samsung in Egypt and a medium-term view. For the second half of 2009, Samsung is planning to expand it distribution channel network and shop displays, as well as continue regularly launching new products. In 2010, the aim is to increase the brand awareness and strength as well as local product adoption.

Author: Daniel Thomas


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