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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Saudi Arabia is a country where women are known to be oppressed their humanistic rights.

  A lot of news and journals tackle how much women are treated unfairly in the said country. Aside form not allowing these women to drive, keep or open bank accounts for their children, travel wit their kids, and the like, they are at the same time  deprived from having jobs for career development.According to Broom (1990), many people react about how women are treated in Saudi Arabia with respect to the opportunities given to them when it comes to career choices. They are not allowed to take courses related to law, architecture and engineering.

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These fields encourage closeness to men that may lead to sexual abuse and other related themes. An article says that this is so to avoid women from being abused including cases of rape. Although a lot of people complain about this issue, there are still those who believe that it is for the women’s welfare to avoid them taking up the said courses.

It was also mentioned in another journal that there are even women in Saudi Arabia who are really successful with their lives and became wealthy through time. They say the forty percent of what the country has is theirs.It is believed that few of the things that stop them from working include their family values and traditions, unreasonable hiring and training processes, and many more (

In summary, the life of the women in America did not change too much over time because of the strict implementation of rules regarding their gender. However, more women still strive hard to develop as a person, at the same time obeying the rules in Saudi Arabia, out of love and respect. More so, many of these women appreciate the said rules more than questioning them.ReferencesBroom, et al. (1990). Sociology: A core text with adapted readings. Belmont: Wadsworth, Inc.

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