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Last updated: June 15, 2019

In the public schools and in the society the common issue in the schools is the dress attire.

Should we enforce dress codes or uniforms in public schools? I know we have our freedom of expression but some people express themselves a little too much. The issue on dress is still an issue but people had ignored it because no change has been made. Obama also took part in this issue he had an issue about the men who sagged their pants he stated that most people show little respect for themselves due to the way they dress….Would greet your mothers that way? So why do it when they’re not around? So men pull up your pants and ladies respect your image. Most people feel that dress codes hurts their freedom of self expression but it really doesn’t but simply limits what you can wear so you can look more presentable in front of others. In the corporate world you will have to go a certain dress codes at any job you take you will have to go by a certain dress any way so why is the school dress code an issue for everyone.

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We should take time to address this issue because it becomes a distraction to me and others it’s hard to focus when there so involved in what you have than what is going on around them in the world. Dress codes are a small issue but it is a start to something bigger which would be dressed again in the future. Dress codes and Uniforms think about it?


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