Scientific Crime Investigation

Scientific crime investigation is an investigation with the application of sciences or scientific method for systematic crime solution, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge for investigating crimes. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing hypotheses.

Scientific method follows laws of logic.While special crime investigation is an independent investigation its inquiry is generally intended to be as objective as possible, to reduce biased interpretations of results. Their goal is to ensure that the criminal law is applied appropriately to police conduct, as determined through special or independent investigations, increasing public confidence in the police services, equal justice before the law among both the police and the public.Special investigation is the application of art or either science in solving a particular crime. Scientific crime investigation is the best methodology to ensure that investigation is properly conducted and justice is served. The use of this methodology will prevent the abrupt end of an incomplete investigation and allow for the best use of physical evidence found at crime scene.For example, in a crime of rape, legal medicine is the best known branch of law by which, through the use of scientific medical and paramedical tools and equipments or apparatus with the latest technology in medical field, and forensic sciences, the sperm specimen sample taken from the victim will undergo DNA analysis or other examinations to analyze as evidence to prove the guilt of the offender.

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This example and kind of investigation is very much applicable of undead end case of Vizconde massacre, but sad to say that even if we have now the capabilities for DNA testing analysis if the evidence cannot be produce by the respected custodian, sometimes justice will be deny. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the biochemical key to differentiate uniqueness among individuals.Serial crimes, such as rapes, and murders will have a better likelihood of being solved because of the so called forensic DNA typing. A rare case of permanently comatose teenage female was discovered to be pregnant. A juvenile friend of the victim’s brother was the suspect.

The fetus was aborted and submitted along with blood from the victim and the suspect for paternity testing with DNA blood samples from the victim’s father and bother were also submitted for elimination.The juvenile suspect was excluded from having parenting the fetus, unexpectedly; the brother was identified as the father. This case shows how DNA testing is important in the solution of the crime. Scientific crime investigation is based on the scientific method. It is a methodological and systematic.

Scientific methodology and applied sciences is useful in the physical evidences examination to develop investigation leads that will ultimately solve a crime.



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