What are the scope, breath and units of ethics according to the following theorist: Plato’s Euthypro and Republic


Scope: The freedom of choice of a man is very dangerous and harmful phenomenon. The man can not choose what is holy and unholy and so the only thing directing the person in life if fear. The fear of the gods would have saved you from the danger of acting wrongly, and you’d have been cursed in front of human beings.

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Breath: since the essence of every phenomenon, including life of breathing creatures is to fulfill a certain function. In these measures men should fulfill their function – to live proper life for the good of the city-state. But life is not a function of a soul, but its proper quality.Units of ethic: just man is not wise or good, and just man is not supposed to live a long and happy life, while unjust miserable and unhappy? The difference between two is that the man who practices justice does so unwillingly, since he lacks the power to violate it.

And in life in general he will walk the only possible road he knows – the just one, while the unjust man will yearn for more, and it doesn’t matter for what exactly, since he has options.Republic. Scope: the freedom of choice or deliberate decision is a punishment for human beings given by gods. And free choice depends on the essence of our soul.

Breath: Can evasion or violence be succeeded with the gods? Well, if they don’t exist or don’t involve themselves with human affairs then what’s the point to consider their observation in our deeds? But if they exist, we shall pay a just penalty for our crimes in the place called Hades. The choice is of men or of his destiny…Units of ethic: two people just and unjust given the same opportunities would act the same – temptation would be too strong. And this is the evidence that none are just willingly, but only by compulsion. And they act the very way because everyone thinks that in personal case injustice is much more profitable than justice. If anyone having this licence to refuse to do any injustice, or to posses the property of others, all who were aware of it would consider him a most contradictive and irrational creature, though they would praise him before each other faces, deluding one another through their fear of injustice influence.

Euthyphro. Scope: everyone has the choice, and the only difference of a choice is what we should pay for the results of it. Whoever has unjustly killed another should be punished by all means.Breath: Holy is all gods love and people are meant to worship them and follow their will. What is holy and just have to do with the gods, and the rest (unlawful and pious) of it has to do with ministering of human beings.Units of ethic: we shouldn’t get nervous about people laughing at our predictions, the public recognition is of a soon. One must not tolerate a profane man, no matter who he may seem to be (even if it’s your own father).



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