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1. Security Alliance membership can be problematic because it restricts the actions that a member country can take on its own. As part of an alliance, member organizations are expected to act in accordance with the benefit of the group, even if such actions are not in the best interest of the individual member.  At times, the needs of the larger member nations can overshadow those of the smaller member nations.

  Sometimes, needs of alliance members can grow apart, their goals dividing to the point of being in opposition.  At such times, the difficulties that beset the organization may spill out into the surrounding countries, or for the alliance to have increasing difficulties operating itself.One alliance that has caused difficulty for the world’s leaders is the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), whose states were intended to address security in the Persian Gulf (Parsi par. 3).  While the GCC was supposed to unify the political forces of the Gulf and increase security, this alliance has actually been divisive, through what Parsi refers to as “the Arab states’ aggressive armament” (par. 9).2.

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According to the NATO website, “the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is an alliance of 26 countries [. . .] committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4 April 1949” (NATO.

com “What is NATO?”).  One method NATO uses to maintain alliance order is through diplomacy, particularly through decision-making.Since its founding in 1949, NATO has established the fundamentals of democracy all over Europe; it is currently expanding its growth in Eastern Europe.

  Seven Eastern European nations joined the alliance in 2001.  According to the NATO Summit Fact Sheet, more nations will be invited to join in 2008 (par. 3).  Membership in the alliance has permitted these new nations to experience the security that comes with unity with other countries.

  In addition, these nations have been able to stabilize their governments, to increase the quality of their infrastructure, and to improve their educational standards.Works CitedNATO Summit 2006.  “Fact Sheet.” Office of the Press Secretary.

  28 Nov 2006.  <>.North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  “What is NATO?” 6 Aug 2007.


Parsi, Trita.  “Gulf States Rethink US-Led Security Alliance.” 2 June 2006.

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