Segregation in Today' Society

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Last updated: May 16, 2019

Segregation has been around for many years. Ever since Plessey vs. Ferguson when “separate but equal” came out, blacks and whites have been segregated. Buses were segregated, neighborhoods were segregated, and even schools were segregated.

However, in 1954 a family called the Browns went to court against the school board in the Brown vs. Board case. The Browns brought evidence to show that the “separate but equal” motto was false and that even though the two races were indeed “separate,” they were not being treated “equal. ”In court, the Browns’ attorneys were able to prove that segregated schools were not equal because of the way they physiologically affected African American kids. By proving that, they were able to have a law passed to desegregate schools.

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The whites were not happy about this. In the south, whites publicly protested and tried to use violence to keep black kids away from the white schools. This ended up not working because people from the army where sent with the black kids to ensure their entrance and safety inside white schools.The whites in the north were smarter. They started redlining and the construction of ghetto communities. Redlining and the construction of ghettos basically divided up the white community and the black community.

The ghettos were made to have really cheap housing and so blacks were forced into living there because of their financial problems. The rich neighborhoods all contained white residence because they were the only ones that could afford to live there. By segregating neighborhoods, whites were able to segregate schools through neighborhood schools.

The neighborhood schools only accepted kids from that neighborhood. With that, whites were able to maintain a segregated school system and still abide by the law. Many people believe that segregation ended many years ago. When people look at neighborhood schools like Northeast High, they see many different races interacting with one another and think that segregation was a thing of the past. However, new studies show that many schools in America are still segregated. A study done by Professor Orefield shows that some schools in the north ever got to desegregate. In an interview, Professor Orefield was discussing the topic of racial interaction and he said, “[The] Racial transition that we see in our cities took place whether or not there was school desegregation.

It’s basically house driven, and we see it in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, that never had significant school desegregation. They still went through that racial change and people make up that housing transition with school segregation. Basically, he is trying to say that places like Philadelphia never got a chance to desegregate schools, even if they did desegregate neighborhoods. Another study done by Professor Farley and Princeton Sociologist Douglas Mussey say the same thing.

Their study shows that a lot of schools are still segregated. It shows that places with a small black population like Sun Belt have desegregated schools while places with a high population of blacks like Philadelphia have segregated schools.Both studies came out in the years 2009-2010 and show that even though we live in the twenty first century, we are still holding on to that “separate” mentality, even if we are doing it subconsciously. Many people believe that school segregation ended many years ago, after Browns vs.

Board, but sadly, that is not the truth. Colored people are still not being accepted by whites. The sad reality of today’s society is that segregation towards those of African descend still exists in our world and our community.


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