I perfectly know and understand myself because I simply follow my heart desire; I got almost all my personality from the people around me. Before I perfectly regard myself more than anybody, but now that I’m married I regard my family first more than myself. I rate my attitude in handling about life as perfect with Gods help. I handled perfectly when I’m stress and emotionally hurt because I prayed a lot. I perfectly know and understand my values at an early age because my parents first taught me.

I’m 100% satisfied with my career choice because they let me decide. I reached my career and job opportunities by myself only because I tried hard enough. I rate my writing skills as very good because I’m still new though I did some documentation in our company before. I’m perfectly prepared when I have job interviews by researching some topic that is related to the position I applied. I perfectly get along with people because I love being with people.

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I don’t like to be alone. My average self-appraisal score is 4.8.

One of the traits that I like in myself and I got it from my father is the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the love ones. That was when I diagnosed with hypertension and was prescribed with some medications, I did not tell my husband about my maintenance because I don’t want to bother him and I don’t want to ask money from him for my personal needs because I know how he work hard to earn a living. I just find another way like I will engage in buy and sell business that won’t need some capital, in this way I can buy my medicines through the profit.One of the traits that I don’t like in me is my temper and I got it from my mother, I easily got mad even in small things especially when they won’t meet my expectations, I don’t have patience. All I want is for them to follow what I want.

As of the moment I tried to control it because it’s not good and I don’t want my kids to be like that. I pray that God will help me and will give me more patience and understanding. 



I'm Mia!

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