Self-Identity and Personal Expression

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Last updated: March 3, 2019

Critics underline that self-views arise from different levels which reflect social processes and cultural heritage. Self-views arising from the individual level emphasize dimensions or attributes that are personally important and differentiate oneself from others. My personal identity is based on personal experience and preferences, tastes and cultural values. I suppose that the question “Who am I?” is one of the most difficult and interesting question for every person who tries to analyze his self-identity and personal values.

Most of all, I like my national cuisine and unique dishes proposed by my national restaurants.  I am not an “absolute” vegetarian but try to avoid fat-saturated and unhealthy food. I can say that I am an ignorant eater because I am not afraid of obesity and type 2 diabetes, heart related diseases and atherosclerosis. I am afraid of weight gain and will never torture my body with diets. I like fast-food and really free from prejudices and social directions.  In order to be fit, I go in for sport regularly and like surfing. I can say that I am a well-organized person and these qualities help me plan and control my life. I do not wear flip flops and do not have a tattoo, but I like bright clothes that help to express my mood and temper.

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Religious and cultural beliefs do not have a profound impact on my personality but I try to keep my cultural uniqueness and preserve family families. I have a lot of “cyber” friends spending 1-2 hours a day chatting with them. Cyberspace makes it possible for every person to create a unique identity according to personal expectations and desires. Language of signs and symbols becomes the embodiment of culture and is a means whereby people communicate to other people, either within their own culture or in other cultures. The Internet helps me to create my own culture which reflects in its language what is of value to the people.  I can say that I try to adopt individual-level identities based on self-views and life preferences.

These factors and views help me to create a unique identity, distinguish what is good and what is bad, what is moral or immoral for our society today.ReferencesGiddens, A. (1991). Modernity and Self-Identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age.

Stanford University Press.


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